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Apple VR first significant patent exposure, or will come to join VR battlefield Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. National Patent Bureau recently on its official website on the exposure of the Apple Corp suspected VR tou Xian’s latest patent, which represents perhaps Apple will join VR massive melee. This year, the field of virtual reality development speed is very fast, Facebook’s Oculus and HTC is always the main force on the battlefield, they Rifi and Vive VR head to seize the market. Later SONY also began to enter the melee VR, in October this year, they will release their own PlayStation VR head. Although the current virtual reality industry, we will focus on the three giants, but in fact there are fourth giants, but it is still sleeping. The giant’s name is apple, but recently from the recently revealed the news that it is ready to start, the intention of joining the VR melee. Recently, according to the U.S. national patent office on its official website exposure of Apple suspected VR head patent. According to reports, the patent is a portable head display electronic equipment". According to the exposure of the patent document description can be found, this device is a similar optical equipment, it is a mobile phone can be put into the frame, and the mobile phone screen placed in front of the user equipment, between the eyes and the screen of the mobile phone users are optical components for image receiving mobile phone screen the. The overall device will likely include a built-in headset, a device connector, a spectacle frame and custom lenses. In fact, Apple’s patent equipment and Samsung Gear VR have many similarities, but the obvious difference lies in the headset, apple this device has built-in Lightning interface and custom lens. In addition, from the description of the patent documents can be found, Apple seems to be focused on the protection of the physical interface in the form of the head and the phone is more directly connected to the technology. Although many people are excited about the patent after exposure, but for apple, which has a huge R & D Department of the company, the concept and prototype production far faster than its inspection or implementation. Therefore, the patent does not mean that the product will be introduced. But at least Apple’s patents indicate that it has the idea and intention to enter the field of virtual reality, is likely to be implemented in the short term. In fact, this is not the first time apple to the national patent office to submit a VR patent, before the exposure of the patent, Apple has been to the United States National Patent Bureau submitted seven patent related to VR, as early as in September 2008, apple to the United States National Patent Bureau submitted the exposure of the patent’s predecessor. Although this patent is only a small part of Apple’s internal work, but it is enough to let us begin to look forward to Apple’s big moves in the field of VR. (compile Tang Guo) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

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Sweden to determine the Wikileaks founder Assange to accept the prosecution inquiry date-boee

Sweden to determine the Wikileaks founder Assange to accept the prosecution date information Stockholm Xinhua News Agency on 14 September, (reporter Fu Yiming) Swedish prosecutors said 14, Wikileaks founder Julian A-Sun will accept the prosecutor in the odd inquiry in London in the UK embassy in Ecuador in October 17th. Swedish prosecutors said press release the same day, the Ecuador prosecutor of Assange for questioning, Sweden’s chief prosecutor Ingrid Ismail Glen and the Swedish police investigators will also arrived at the scene, and add questions to Assange. A-Sun is responsible for the odd sexual assault case investigation of Swedish prosecutors Mariana earlier this month told the media that the Swedish police have agreed to Ecuador prosecutors for questioning Assange according to the prosecution of rui. In addition, the prosecution will also get the consent of Assange after collecting his body fluid samples". The 45 year old Assange in 2006 to create a wiki secret website. In 2010, the site published a large number of U.S. government documents on the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, the secret documents, so that the United States of America’s diplomatic image suffered unprecedented blow, causing a sensation and controversy. In November 2010, Swedish prosecutors accused Assange in August of that year staying in Sweden during the alleged sexual assault of two women in the UK, at that time Assange was arrested in britain. Assange denies all charges against him, saying the charges are politically motivated. In May 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that A-Sun was extradited to sweden. In June of the same year, Assange entered the British Embassy in Ecuador to seek asylum on bail. According to Swedish law, prosecutors filed criminal proceedings before the launch inquiry to suspect. Because Assange in Ecuador Embassy in the UK, the Swedish prosecutors have not had the opportunity to implement inquiry. Last March, the Swedish prosecutors for the first time in the domestic information previously insisted on give up the position of the initiative to question Assange london.相关的主题文章:

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Shanghai taxi industry reform draft publicity 8 hot spots list-aizi

Shanghai taxi industry reform draft publicity 8 hot issues of the original title: [] authority issued to deepen the reform of the taxi industry, efforts to standardize the operation of the market order, the managing public taxi industry reform three file draft "on the city to deepen reform and promote the healthy development of the taxi industry, the implementation of opinions" "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" and "on the norms of the private minibus carpool travel implementation opinions" three documents, leading up to October 21st in Shanghai Chinese portal, the Municipal Transportation Commission website to solicit comments from the public. The city will focus on building including cruise taxi (traditional taxi) and car rental reservation network diversity, diversity and quality of travel service system, to clear about the car and refined net net about car driver qualifications, and regulate the carpool, operation safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. Under the guidance of national policy, the taxi industry reform combined with the actual Shanghai, to adhere to the bus priority development strategy for the premise, to reform and innovation, overall planning, according to specifications, passengers for this "as the basic principle, to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry, focus on building including cruise taxi (traditional taxi, hereinafter referred to as parade car and taxi booking network) (hereinafter referred to as the network about cars) diversity, diversity and quality of travel service system. "The location for the taxi industry development advice", the power of management, improvement of management system, operation mode change, price mechanism, evaluation of service quality, as well as network about cars and private minibus carpool the development put forward relevant measures target. "Certain provisions" in the national seven ministries jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" on the basis, combined with the actual city, adhere to the "management according to law, green environmental protection, safe operation, fair competition, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers" principle, the main contents are discussed in detail. Among them, on the net about car platform company, the provisions of the platform company should have online and offline service ability of the enterprise legal person, not registered in the city platform companies should set up branches in the city; network service platform data management department should access the city traffic administrative industry supervision platform, take responsibility of the carrier. Refinement clear network about vehicle qualification. In the state of network application about car service vehicle shall comply with the following 7 seat and passenger cars, to meet the operational safety standards and related facilities and equipment installation, vehicle registration, reservation for nature rental passenger service life for 8 years, based on the provisions, the city intends to add network about cars in the city should register to the city. The provisions can be registered vehicle emission standards, fuel vehicle wheelbase reached 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase reached 2650 mm or more, insurance business insurance business intercourse, third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance conditions. Refinement clear about car driver qualification. The provisions of the state network about car driver shall comply with the following provisions: obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license, and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident;相关的主题文章:

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The price of gold fell to two month low strong U.S. Civil employment data – energy – People’s-kasey chase

The price of gold fell to two month low   U.S. employment data strong folk – energy – original title: the price of gold fell to two month low of American folk strong employment data * data after the release of the dollar rose to three week high after the turn down * number August employment market focus will be released on Friday, according to the Reuters reported Wednesday, gold prices fell to two month low, prior to the release of the U.S. private employment data better than expected, to boost the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (FED fed) may promote the Shengxi plan expected, once the dollar index pushed to three week high. Employment report shows that in August the number of private employment increased by 177 thousand, higher than analysts estimate, supporting the attention of Friday’s employment data will be stronger than expected. Following the Fed officials hawkish remarks in a meeting last week after an upbeat jobs report could support the United States will soon raise interest rates further views. Spot gold fell to $1304.91, for the lowest level since June 24th, the day the day before the British referendum decision from the eu. 1847 GMT, gold fell $1308.01 to $0.2%, after the dollar fell slightly. Gold prices will fall by 3.2% in August. U.S. gold fell 0.4% to $1311.40. "Look at the last three or four days, the likelihood that the Fed’s rate hike will increase. It is possible to raise interest rates in December, but the market is expected to be a bit backward, U.S. Bank Wealth Management senior investment strategist Rob Haworth said. Federal Reserve chairman said on Friday that the reason for raising interest rates more fully, vice president Fisher said the fastest possible rate hike. Technical selling dollars, early gains, and interest rates are speculation drive prices lower, the German commercial bank analyst Carsten Fritsch said. He added that the price of gold is approaching the critical psychological price of $1300. "Considering the latest speech Yellen president, in September the Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting full of tension," the Danish Saxo Bank (Saxo Bank) Ole Hansen is responsible for product research, "the dollar and U.S. real interest rates rise to the price of gold also brings resistance." Spot Silver Rose 0.4% to $18.65 an ounce. Spot platinum fell 0.3% to $1048.80, after hitting a low of $eight for the week 1043.20. Spot palladium fell 0.9%, to $671.60, fell to six week low of $665.97. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章:

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Buy Why is apple lightning headphones so expensive Sohu

Buy? Why is apple Lightning headphones so expensive? – Sohu to buy digital? Why is apple Lightning headphones so expensive?     iPhone7 3.5mm and remove the headset into Lightning headset port as everyone knows, what has been analyzed through the interface technology, but seems to have not changed what, perhaps because iPhone7 does not supply enough? Users have their own Adapter? In fact, are not, the most important thing is to use the Lightning interface headset can not keep up, I look at the Jingdong mall deliberately enter self Lightning screening options found that the number is very small. Using Lightning interface headset (Jingdong mall)     the author also noticed a phenomenon, the price is very expensive. The first three are big brands, has been sold to the average price of about $1500, to know at this price of $1500 can buy a very good HiFi professional 3.5mm traditional headphones. As you can see, the first two headset shape is very beautiful, but also with a noise reduction function, can also be found in the word "movement", this is the description of these paragraphs are outside the headset, such as exercise, such as business travel.       pay attention to the upper left corner of the goods, proprietary only 17 models, which is not considered Lightning charging line. The use of 3.5mm traditional headphones have reached 2851 products, the gap is obvious. Therefore, the use of Lightning interface headset will be higher prices compared to other headphones. The most fundamental factor is 1, who first who first mover advantage of market opportunities, the so-called. 2, fewer brands, a single species, competition is not fierce. 3, the first batch of high fee. Cause costs to rise.     almost all manufacturers haven’t deployed on the Lightning headset, or some are being developed, this stage is expensive to get Lightning headset, and this is actually the iPhone7 purchase fare is a reason. The price of 3.5mm headphones can not be separated from the market competition     China’s headphone market has been rapid development in recent years, whether it is the initial stage or the intermediate stage. High end market is the United States and Europe headset brands, Chinese independent brands only a low level of competition in the low-end market (probably in 2008), Chinese almost all production in the low-end headset world, occupy at least 60% of the global output of headset headset manufacturers and the local share, but did not bring huge profits. There are also part of the reason is the economic crisis of 2008.             Chinese in fact is the nation’s largest headset production, such as the sea, iron triangle, AKG, KOSS, iPod and apple Beyerdynamic wearing earplugs and low order.相关的主题文章:

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