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After giving birth, how can touch the lump in the abdomen? Many new mothers in the Sohu maternal childbirth just touching his belly, but also touched a large lump, mother will be worried about what this is? Is there anything else that doesn’t come out? In fact, this is the uterus lump. But the pregnant mother touched the lump that is harder, the better recovery of the uterus. To understand the uterus, we have to mention the changes in the uterus during pregnancy: first, changes in capacity, two is the location of change. Capacity change: for pregnant women, our uterus is usually hidden in the pelvic cavity, only about 50 grams of weight, capacity of about 12 ~ 20 ml. But after the pregnancy in October, uterine capacity has been expanded 1000 times, which can accommodate about 3000 grams of the fetus, 1000 ~ 1500 grams of 500 grams of weight of amniotic fluid and placenta. Changes in location: not pregnant when it was originally hidden in the pelvic cavity of the uterus, with the increase of gestational weeks, the uterus gradually rose to the top of the abdomen. Wait until the birth of the baby after birth, the uterus will immediately fell to the navel, and with the placenta and fetal delivery, the uterus will soon shrink to the fetal head size, and become stiff. Through the uterine contraction, will the extravasated blood, fetal tissue and so on excreted, but will cause ischemia, hypoxia, vascular compression of nerve fibers during contraction, so the new mother will feel pain. When the contraction stops, the pain stops. This pain is called contraction pain or postpartum pain, usually takes place in the first three days postpartum. If the pain more than a week, and the performance for the continuity of abdominal pain or lochia odor, please timely medical treatment. My mother felt lump on how to care? New mothers can be within the first few hours postpartum, will wash hands after rub, massage clockwise to stimulate it to produce uterine contractions, until the uterus harden. After a week postpartum, preferably in the evening before going to bed every night to massage the uterus to consolidate the effect. Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] in Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search for "senior maternal and child care teacher Tina" free to listen to public lecture. Disclaimer: This article is for a better pregnancy baby senior maternal and child care teacher Tina original article, if necessary please contact the authorized or micro signal infringement.相关的主题文章:

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How old is the best age for men and women restorator

Men and women of childbearing age how old is the best Sohu ‘baby born or not born has become a classic problem of parents, for their ideal career, to provide the best environment for the growth of children, family planning and shift. In fact, there are many adverse early late birth. Studies have shown that the best reproductive age for women is 24-29 years of age, the best male reproductive age is 27-35 years of age. The best pregnant mothers aged 23-30 years during this period, the female body fully developed, high quality eggs, if pregnant fertility, birth risk is small, the growth and development of fetus, premature birth, malformation and Alzheimer’s disease incidence rate is lowest; if as early as 20 years of age of pregnancy for fetal and maternal nutrition during development the mother’s health, and fetal development is not good. Along with the growth of age, follicle in the ovary is accumulated in the long time, resulting in the occurrence of chromosomal aging, recession. The older, the genetic material mutation chances increase, resulting in Down syndrome and various malformation. And with the increase in the probability of pregnancy will decline, more likely to have complications during pregnancy. The best father’s age at birth in considering the quasi mother’s breeding age, the father’s age can not be ignored. The research shows that the best male reproductive age 27-35 years of age, this is because the male sperm quality reached the peak during this period, and in this age of men do not bear the mental maturity, rich life experience, understand and accept the fetal education knowledge. In particular, will care about his wife, have the ability to raise good infants and young children, so that fetal growth and development. After 35 years of age, the male hormones in the body began to decay, with an average of about 90 percent of their testosterone secretion per year for the next 1 years. When the male age is too big, the gene mutation rate of the sperm increases correspondingly, the quantity and quality of the sperm can not be guaranteed, and the health of the fetus will also be adversely affected. The best time to conceive the best pregnancy season in the appropriate season of pregnancy, not only conducive to the early development of the baby, neonatal care and the recovery of the body has a great impact. Every year there are spring, summer, autumn, winter 4 seasons, in the end which season in the best choice? If expectant mothers choose to conceive in early July to early September, then congratulations to you that you have come up with a key step in pregnancy. In early July September to early pregnancy was the most suitable, so the early response coincided with the fall, to avoid the summer effect on appetite, and in late summer and early autumn fruit variety of vegetables, fresh and delicious, the pregnant mothers of early pregnancy symptoms disappeared, increased appetite, and can provide sufficient nutrition to plan nutrition for the mother. Indoor and outdoor air pollution had significant effect on the early embryo. Sulfur dioxide in ambient air in winter, the highest concentration of total suspended particles, the rate of birth defects of 7.8%o, the lowest concentration in summer and autumn, birth rate of 5-5. 8 per thousand. 7-8 month of pregnancy, but also makes the most early pregnancy to avoid the cold sensitive delicate and pollution is serious in winter, early spring next year at carrying influenza virus rash, when pregnancy has reached the middle has had a good fetal teratogenic)相关的主题文章:

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8 tourists in South Korea arrested the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee interviewed someone’s tra mentalist

8 tourists in South Korea arrested the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee interviewed someone’s travel agency – Beijing recently, Nanjing tourists physical conflict occurred in Jeju Island of South Korea and business video news spread in the network, attracted wide attention of users and industry. 8 Nanjing tourists go to a local restaurant and bring their own drinks, because restaurants refuse to go drinks, tourists and shops and a dispute is transformed from the altercation dispute into a physical confrontation. Reporters learned from the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission, after the incident, the South Korean police have been involved, 8 tourists were taken back to the police detention, of which the 3 in September 12th to "no detention investigation," the release of restrictions on exit, the remaining 5 people are still detained. According to the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission bulletin, September 13th, the Nanjing Tourism Commission in the event of an emergency plan launched in the city of Nanjing outbound travel agency conducted a survey. It is understood that someone 8 tourists through the Nanjing China Travel Service Co., Ltd., in September 6th -9 month period of 10 days to go to Jeju Island, Korea, half self-help". Reporters learned that the semi self tour refers to the travel agency after landing there are some travel arrangements, the last two days of the trip is free time, suspected of hitting the tourists in the free exercise of free activities in the dispute. According to reports, in the report to the tourism administration departments at all levels, Nanjing City Tourism Commission, tourism law enforcement detachment and the quality of tourism management, common to Chinese situation travel agency in Nanjing City, referring to the mission of the group file, inquiry transcripts do the scene, and ask the travel agency to the legal person has been involved in the transaction occurred Korea and the manager immediately returned to Nanjing to assist in the investigation process. Confirmed by the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission investigation, the travel team travel contract signed in travel service to tourists do civilization at the same time, issued to tourists "written notice" group, but the tourism team has appointed the leader, not made from the list of tables, nor in the national tourism information reporting team system. Currently, someone’s travel agency is actively cooperate with the matter. Next, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission will pay close attention to the progress of the situation, according to the law to make a serious deal with the travel agency. At the same time, once again remind the majority of tourists must abide by the laws of the host country, respect for local customs, according to the National Bureau of civilized travel tips regulate personal behavior, the tourism enterprises must abide by the law. Xinhua newspaper all media reporter Xu Zhou Jing相关的主题文章:

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Murder suspect 16 years bleaching way from the monk to the famous Abbot – Sohu news ca1806

Murder suspect 16 years bleaching way: from the monk to the famous Abbot – Sohu news August 12th morning, Anhui Fengyang Longxing Temple Abbot was taken away by the police. Video capture. "One year, ten years, more than ten years, he has been here in this period of practice, indeed for the temple to do a lot of things this time, these things are appreciated by people, and can even, do you think?" The Beijing News reporter, editor Yang Jingru and Su Xiaoming Lu Aiying | proofreading without warning, the morning of August 12th, several plainclothes and uniformed police came to Anhui Chuzhou Fengyang County Longxing Temple, the abbot master and widely heard on a black car. This is the implementation of the arrest of a police operation in Anhui, Bengbu. Was taken away, the smell of the master dressed in white loose shirt, yellow robe pants, no resistance, calm expression. From then on, he painstakingly sixteen years exposure identity — the murderer. Police on the Master heard a wide range of local sudden trial, widely heard on the spot admitted his past identity and criminal facts. In November 2000, he joined the four, killing three people; toting murder, he fled to Anhui from Heilongjiang, Daqing, renamed Sun Hongtao, around two temples, ultimately rooted in the Longxing Temple, and do, county CPPCC members, the abbot of the temple, the Buddhist Association from becoming a monk, the local characters of influential Buddhist circles. "Everyone is surprised", a staff member of the County Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs of Fengyang on onion said, "I hear his accent with the local people, a person working in a diligent, responsible, who can think he is such a thing?" Three lives in August 20th, Saturday afternoon, the Longxing Temple Street door opened only 1/3, not many visitors, the ticket office staff by nodding at the table. Longxing Temple is located in Fengyang County of Chuzhou City, at the junction with the Bengbu City, formerly known as Zhu Yuanzhang became a nun in the imperial abbey. The news was taken away for second days, the province and the city to the Buddha coordination interim head of the new king, the mage. For more than a week, and to maintain the daily operation of fruit temple and monks life is not affected, "the Buddhist is quiet, the original order because such a thing was disrupted, I do not want to let others think the murderer mention Longxing temple." Fruit to peel onion said. Little temple of the monks of the past known widely heard live for many years, I only know that he is the northeast person, never see him return home or in contact with the family, but I do not know the height of 1 meters 72, obese monk, is a murder fugitive. Anhui Longxing Temple in Fengyang. Beijing News reporter Yang Jingru photo insider revealed that the Master heard the original Daqing, Heilongjiang. Sixteen years ago, November 8, 2000 night at 11:30, Zhang Liwei together with four, a club carrying control pistol and a knife broke into Saertu, stabbed to death three people. After the murder, Zhang Liwei escapes, as police reward apprehend wanted. However, over the past 16 years, he fled from Daqing to Anhui, bleached identity, with a new household registration, renamed Sun Hongtao. Mount Jiuhua, Anhui, a monk at the age of 100 to peel onions (WeChat ID:boyangcong)"相关的主题文章:

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Phoenix beauty analyst Yellen interview or lack of assertive hawks effect helmet怎么读

Phoenix beauty analyst: Yellen interview or lack of independent effects of hawkish Fed chairman Janet · Yellen (in North Phoenix Financial News reporter Zhu Yi) Federal Reserve Chairman Janet · Yellen; the United States on Friday (August 26th) the important speech soon. From the United States Securities Depository Clearing Corp (DTCC) analyst for the Phoenix Financial reporter said, the industry generally believe that Yellen and the former chairman of the Federal Reserve is relatively not assertive, not very strong, the performance is one of the other members of the FOMC effect easily. Yellen influenced by others swing from the end of last year to early this year, the federal reserve system executive board (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Lael Brainard) members persuaded Yellen to maintain loose monetary policy, although Stanley Fischer FOMC is also trying to encourage hawkish members of her." DTCC senior investment analyst Shawn Wang Phoenix Financial reporter for example. Brianard and Fishcer are members of the Federal Reserve FOMC, have the right to vote. Brainard is a member of FOMC’s senior dove. She once said Chinese a slowdown in economic growth in a panel to the end of February this year, the Fed held discussions, may pose a risk to the US economic outlook. Although the U.S. unemployment rate fell below 5%, but the labor market is still a certain amount of idle. The current labor market and inflation deviate from the labor market is relatively strong, weak inflation, which may be related to the benchmark interest rate is extremely low. "From the beginning of April this year, until the British exit, the Hawks gradually prevailed, successful let Yellen repeatedly signaled an increase in July is entirely possible. The British off the European influence gradually subsided, the Hawks again return, many people believe that the industry will tend to Stanley Fischer by Jackson Holzer Yellen the chance of meeting, more hawkish signals." Wang of the Phoenix Financial reporter added that Yellen’s idea was affected to some extent by the Fed factions. U.S. time on August 21st, fed vice chairman Fischer in a public speech on the recent U.S. economic outlook was more optimistic that the Fed is close to full employment and 2% of the inflation target. Observers believe that Fischer hinted that the Fed is considering raising interest rates this year. DTCC senior investment analyst Shawn Wang Williams Yellen speech speech preheat San Francisco Fed President Williams the United States on August 15th has been through the publication said, Fed officials and the government should consider raising the Fed’s current 2% inflation target or to some form of domestic nominal GDP (GDP) target to replace the current inflation target. He said that these two initiatives will provide the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates more space to deal with the economic downturn, but have to pay the price. Williams also called for changes in fiscal policy, tax rates or government spending can be linked to the unemployment rate. He said that this can be expected during the recession and recovery相关的主题文章:

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