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The 12 day: SMG super Betfair spdex super Welsh’s unbeaten profit index index SMG 042 Welsh (main) VS Serbia the European pre group phase D group fourth round, 3:45 on November 13th. Welsh home court against Serbia, the two teams last met in 2013 the home team lost 0-3 to the visitors, as time has nearly 3 years of what has no reference value. The home team in the D group performed well, currently ranked 5 in the top third, compared with the top Serbia only less than 2 points. The team in the recent game can still play, play 1-1 and Georgia and somewhat unexpected, in the 5 games 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative results. The visiting team is currently 7 in group D in the first place, performance worthy of recognition. The recent state of the team is the last round of home court against rival Austria 3-2, which won the 2 game winning streak. Super net index index of 42-38-20 showed that the dominant slightly, will dial early turnover of more than 130 thousand spot may exceed 5 million. Look into some money from his Pathfinder price decreased slightly in early trading, betfair. Hot and cold index in 11 days at the beginning of 2 the main victory and into anxiety. At the beginning of 11, Kelly variance 5 wins and wins a draw away gradually. Early listing index tends to main victory and win. As to face his not too high, and the guest was opened Kelly variance. Optimistic about the home team to win. Winning or losing the election: the first choice to win the flat spdex super index SMG 046 Ukraine (main) VS Finland pre world group I group of the first round of, 3:45 on November 13th. Ukraine vs. Finland, the game is the first time in the official game. The home team in the qualifiers will draw two successive state brave teams in Iceland and Turkey, then in the 3-0 win over struggling Kosovo home court. The visitors were greatly disappointed fans, the first is the newly established home court at Kosovo, Iceland and Croatia subsequently face defenseless, the current team in the bottom second in the standings ranked position, become the group free of the boy. Super net index index shows that the main battlefield of Betfair 57-16-28 capital has obviously is in his party. Early Betfair standard disc sold more than 540 thousand spot Betfair may exceed 2 million. Early start makes his money was his way, the price dropped lower and lower Betfair from 1.38-1.35. Hot and cold index and Kelly variance was apparent. Early listing index also tend to visitors. As to face his simulation profit not continue to rise, the home team successfully played. SMG recommended: first let the ball Shengping Fu Sheng Ping secondary Author: spdex index above two fat super early reminder, because not to clinch a deal the peak, more details please pay attention to the spot data, such as on larger variables may affect the results of the forecast.相关的主题文章:

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