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12 year old boy during the day to stroll around the supermarket at night to wander outside the stone class hungry for the first time in the south of the island of (micro-blog) on September 22nd hearing, where do you sleep in these two days?" "I…… Here I am, sleeping on the stone side of the square tree." "Why don’t you come home from school?" "The leader said I didn’t do my homework, but I did." "Do you eat these two days?" "Did not eat." Lele in Yonghui supermarket (monitoring screenshot) at 3 yesterday afternoon, the bus station in Quanzhou city of South China outside Sichuan to the world, he hugged his 12 year old son Lele (a pseudonym). After school in the morning on September 19th, Lele did not go home, did not go to school in the afternoon. No news for 2 consecutive days, all the family anxious. Fortunately, or wait for a good man clues. Yesterday, in the carpet search, Lele was found outside the pool is SCE world fish. To see his family, but he was timid. All people are curious, these two days, Le Le all went to, why didn’t he come home? The music was tore the clothes chest, looked tired after school son disappeared 2 days did not go home happy Quanzhou city is a primary school student in grade 6. In the East China Sea police station monitoring room to see, at 11:34 on the 19, Lele and classmates walk on the way home. There from his home in the Valley community housing less than 10 minutes of the road. To 12 noon, to see his father did not come back to the child, call the teacher, and finally go home, the girl said, see Lele went to another direction, do not know where to go. The son just lost to the father was reported to the police, and launched relatives and friends together to help find, but over the past 2 days, without hearing a word about. Until yesterday lunch time, claiming to be a SCE world city Yonghui supermarket female employees call. "I’m more than 8 in the morning at the gate of the supermarket to meet a very like your son, wait more than 12 hours, to see him again, his chest dress was torn, asked me for 10 dollars, that is hungry, he said his name, is what you’re looking for a child, and I ask a few more the sentence, he went." To my father surprised, immediately called cousins, they immediately called to the city to find their own SCE world, but also time in the past. To Yonghui supermarket, on duty manager Wang and the kind of female employees to help, father was recognized in the monitoring of son – 12:21, Lele bypass imported food cabinet, away from the supermarket exit direction. Out of the supermarket, we also found that, at 12:30 in the SCE world city monitoring operator help, Lele came from the building No. 1 South Plaza parking lot. We guess the child is still near. Right enough。 Later, Lele Hoi told reporters, the day he walked through the Ping Road through the Dapingshan tunnel, also don’t know where to go, walked to the city in the world. Father abuse education did not get his way back home yesterday afternoon, Lele did not see mom, sit not to talk. "Is not the first time did not go home, 1 grade, grade 3 have had, not this serious, last year, did not go home, more than 11 points that night, was a good couple to drive back." Said to my father. My mother is a face of sorrow. She said that he said what his son did not listen, only his father, he scolded him;相关的主题文章:

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