128GB iPhone 7 into parts can sell how much money 292 dollars. kd.wuhan.net.cn

128GB iPhone 7 into parts can sell how much money? 292 U.S. dollars, according to foreign media reports, iPhone has officially listed on the market for nearly a week, so the annual cost of hardware and large computing on time came. This time, equipped with a A10 chip, a new camera, a large battery also supports waterproof and cancel the headphone interface iPhone 7 in the end how much hardware cost? CNN made a preliminary estimation of the iPhone 7, here are the main parts of the screen: Price: $37 battery: $4 camera module: $26 motherboard: $74 Speaker: $11.5 shell: $22: $117.5 in other parts, the other parts including iPhone equipped with small sensors and baseband, in addition to it that is the most expensive screen and motherboard. After some calculations, we know that a 128GB iPhone 7 hardware cost of about $292 (about RMB 1948 yuan), but its retail price is up to $750 (State Bank price of $6188). This means that the hardware cost of iPhone 7 accounted for only the final retail price of 39%. However, don’t scold apple black, after all iPhone 7 equipped with the software, marketing research and the consumption of manpower and cost are. As to how much these costs are allocated to each machine in the end how much money, I am afraid only apple know.相关的主题文章:

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