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13 rookie renewal amount of 680 million! Do not have a full star sina sports news a data may be bright blind your eyes – the 2013 rookie, the total contract value of $682 million. Yes, you are not wrong, is to be Tucao in recent years, is perhaps the most water NBA draft history of the rookie, rookie to extend the contract period, the total amount of the contract even beyond the 1996 generation of gold and platinum generation, 2003. Another data that you can’t believe, the 2013 draft, an all star. Remember the famous American · Gulliver can not help tucao. In the United States in October 31st, is the deadline for NBA early renewal of his rookie contract with the player, 5 players get $406 million gross contract — Gobert, 2013 No. 27 show, and jazz contract, 4 years 102 million; Adams, 2013 No. 12 show, and the thunder, 4 years 100 million; oladipo, Bangyan 2013 with the thunder, 4 years; 84 million; Duhem, 2013 No. 21 show, to renew the contract with the Timberwolves, 4 years 64 million; Zeller, 2013 No. 4 show, and the Hornets 56 million 4 years. Before this, McCall Salem, 2013 No. 10 show, has 4 years of renewal and pioneer, 106 million; and No. 15 show Art Tor Quinn Bo, also in the summer with the bucks to renew, 4 years of $100 million, plus the eagle and No. 17 show Schroder to 4 years 70 million contract, NBA staged a dollar paper in 2016. The salary is very high, does not mean that 2013 players how well, in fact they can go into the future all star of hope is not large, according to the current performance, perhaps only McCollum and art Tuokunbo is expected to become the all star ranks. Two days ago, the U.S. media also pushed on 2013 Tucao NBA worst draft may be a good time to catch up, but their salary cap, inferior growth, gives birth to a lot of garbage contract, also gave enough exaggeration of the contract – rookie in 2011, got the regular season MVP Ross, winning 5 years a $94 million contract, is considered to be the price, and the birth of the "Ross clause", and this is even worse than Adams or Portland two scorer McCollum. Of course, the 8 players have been signed, is hard to draw the NBA team management face – very funny for $682 million the reality is that the 10 draft before 2013, only three people have signed a new contract, respectively, Michael Ola Po, No. 4 and No. 10 show show zele Jimmy Corum, two and 5 in the contract, the total contract are not billion, is the 8 player in a low income. So what about the other three in the top five? Champion Anthony · Bennet, this is one of the most water champion in NBA history; third Lang Otto · Potter, the premise of money in the wild by Wizards (Bill 5 1.2)相关的主题文章:

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