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17 departments jointly remediation Internet financial   more initiatives to protect the safety of customer funds – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn 13, office of the State Council issued the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan", P2P network lending, the third party payment, to raise public equity and other types of Internet financial services, special rectification work completed by the end of March 2017 before. The program requires strict regulation of illegal acts, while taking a number of measures to protect the interests of investors. Seventeen departments jointly shot to maintain financial market order in recent years, with the rapid development of large data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other information technology, booming Internet banking, almost touched all areas of the financial industry. Attendant, institutions, uneven in quality means of unfair competition, and unauthorized use of emerge in an endless stream of customer funds and other issues, hindering the healthy and orderly development of the Internet banking industry. To this end, approved by the State Council, the people’s Bank, the Central Propaganda Department, the central network information office, the maintenance of stability, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other 17 departments jointly carry out special rectification of Internet financial risk. "In the short term, the rectification goal is to standardize various formats of Internet banking, reversing some formats deviate from the correct direction of innovation situation, safeguard the financial interests of consumers, to maintain financial market order, hold no systemic regional financial risks, the Internet regulation of financial risk special leading group responsible person 13 reporters call. Why do you choose this opportunity? Central University of Finance and Economics financial law professor Huang Zhen said in a interview with Xinhua reporter, "in fact, the Internet financial risk remediation actions in April of this year will gradually expand, choose this time node, is to make policy uncertainty timely dispel conjecture." According to the requirements of the rectification work will be completed before the end of March 2017. Strict implementation of P2P net loan platform third party funds as part of the Internet banking finance, P2P network lending platform has become one of the key areas of remediation. In the eyes of the person in charge, the P2P network lending focus of regulation is to implement the localization of net lending institutions of information intermediary, prohibit network lending institutions breakthrough information intermediary function, to set up the pool of funds, protect themselves from the financial loans and other illegal activities. Daily economic news reporter noted that the rectification action to strictly implement the requirements of the third party customer funds depository, can be described as giving the customer the safety of funds to add a lock". Specifically, the P2P network lending platform and platform to raise public equity funds and private funds should be customer account management, P2P net loan platform to select qualified banking financial institution as funds depository institutions, shall not be diverted or take customer capital. According to Huang Zhen introduction, at present, only a part of the P2P net loan platform to complete the third party depository of funds, a nearly 6 month campaign will have results summary, but the P2P net loan field, the transition period will be extended to August next year. Reporters combed previously found that, with the P2P net loan platform for the cooperation of the bank funds, mostly commercial banks and local banks, banking financial institutions with or not, but also decided相关的主题文章:

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