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2017 national college entrance examination syllabus released 7 subjects have adjusted the original title: the national college entrance examination in 2017 released the outline of the examination of the 7 disciplines have been adjusted in the national college entrance examination in 2017 what the test volume? October 8th, issued by the Ministry of Education Examination Center on the general college entrance examination syllabus in 2017 to amend the contents of the notice, a detailed description. For the candidates, the most important and most concerned about is the adjustment of the content of the exam. According to the introduction, the content of Chinese ancient culture to increase knowledge, "literature text reading" and "practical text reading" as a compulsory content, this is in order to meet the requirements of the new basic ability and comprehensive quality in Colleges and universities; increase the mathematics culture in mathematics content, less elective module "geometric proof selection"; physics will be listed as a compulsory module of 3-5, which is complied with the curriculum standard revision trend. Allegedly, the nine disciplines, in addition to English, political examination content unchanged, the other seven subjects of the examination content has been adjusted. "There are some subjects more changes, the examination contents are changed." Fujian city of Xiamen Province, vice president of Fu Xingchun said, Xiamen city academy will this year as soon as possible to the requirements of the examination syllabus to review guide. "The teacher and the examinee should pay attention to, then don’t review without examination, but did not review but the content is compulsory." Each subject syllabus [change] – Chinese elective 2 modules become compulsory 1. 2 optional modules are provisions of the current syllabus "literature text reading" and "practical text reading", students are required to choose 1 answers from two selected questions in. The 2017 syllabus, cancel the examination module, "literature text reading" and "practical text reading" as a compulsory content. 2. In the "ancient poetry reading" part of the "understanding and grasp the common knowledge of ancient culture" test content. The English syllabus content has not changed – cut 1 elective module 1 mathematics. Delete "in the current syllabus of three elective modules in the geometric proof of" selecting, content and scope of the remaining 2 elective module are the same. 2. Candidates from the "coordinate system and the parameters of the equation" "inequality election" 2 modules in any of the 1 answers. Remove the 3 elective module – History Current Examination Syllabus of 6 elective modules were "in the history of major reform" "modern social democratic thought and practice of" Twentieth Century "war and peace" and "Chinese history" to explore the historical personage of "mystery" and "world cultural heritage". The revised syllabus to delete the selected test modules "modern social democratic ideas and practice, to explore the historical mystery" and "collection of world cultural heritage", the remaining 3 elective module content and scope are the same, the candidates from the 3 module select 1 questions. – 1 elective module to reduce geographical current examination syllabus of the 3 elective modules respectively, "Tourism Geography", "natural disaster and prevention" and "environmental protection", the students from the 3 super module相关的主题文章:

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