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220 thousand yuan is borrowing or gifts? Before the mother sued former son-in-law for money – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Tang Meng Lv Huimin) said, see the mother-in-law son-in-law, more and more pleasing to the eye, but did not think of is, the small Tang was before the mother to court. October 24th, the reporter learned from the Foshan City Intermediate People’s court, the court recently heard a loan dispute case, the final judgment of the court and his ex-wife mother Wu mother-in-law to repay the loan 220 thousand yuan. It is reported that the former mother-in-law told former son-in-law farce in two IOU. Case review: in the end the purchase loan or wedding gifts? Before the mother sued former son-in-law in April 2010, little miss Wu Popo’s daughter (a pseudonym) and Tang (a pseudonym) registration of marriage. The following year in July, the couple for improving the living environment, they bought a property in sanshui. But in 2014 September, good times don’t last long, small land to the relationship on the grounds, and eventually divorce divorce proceedings. Although the couple has come to an end, but still a lot of trouble. According to Wu Popo said, when her daughter and former son-in-law to buy a house had to borrow money from her. Given that they had a good relationship between husband and wife, and former son-in-law Tang good work has the ability to repay, Wu Popo agreed to borrow money and pay the purchase down payment 180 thousand. In February 2012, she transferred to the bank account under the Tang Dynasty more than 4 yuan, a total of $220 thousand. But in the first half of 2014 the couple relations deteriorated, small land to mother issue two IOUs, but these ious are not former son-in-law Tang’s signature, signature only Lu man. Then her daughter divorced, Wu Popo asked both sides to repay the debt will be rejected, flay Lu and Xiao Tang to court. For Wu mother-in-law said, Xiao Tang insisted that he and his ex-wife did not borrow money from Wu Popo, Wu mother paid 180 thousand actual wedding gifts, and then pay 40 thousand of its two people prior to the repayment of money. And the house to pay down payment, bank mortgage has been paid by their own money. Take a step back and say that even if the money is borrowed, it has been over two years of limitation of action. A trial: former mother-in-law wins, former son-in-law and daughter back during a trial court trial, the court each one sticks to his argument. The case first instance court held that the plaintiff Wu Popo claims 220 thousand of loans, and provide two copies of IOU as evidence. Although two was not issued IOUs to borrow money, but considering the defendant Xiao Lu is one of Wu Popo and her daughter, and had a small land and small Tang couples and good, so her mother Wu in money when money not immediately issued ious requirements consistent with common sense, so the IOU to be identified. The defendant Tang Zaiting said small loans of 220 thousand Yuan Wu mother sued former mother-in-law, of which 180 thousand were gifts, 40 thousand yuan for this claim Wu mother loans, due to lack of evidence to support the inadmissible, the final court of first instance judgment 220 thousand yuan of loans. And because the debt was formed during the marriage period of small Tang and small land, and for the purchase of housing and family living expenses, the court decided that the money should be handled jointly by the couple debt. Wu and her mother because of small Tang, Xiao Lu did not agree on the repayment time, accordingly, Wu Po.相关的主题文章:

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