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2300 lumens super flashlight lamp is hot enough to cook – Sohu technology in outdoor activities, useful flashlight, flashlight is also useful as a hammer, when the mobile power supply in the high point of the can. But the flashlight used for cooking, have you seen it! Don’t say you Meng ah, I saw the first time is also shocked ~ today, very fruit Jun gave small partners to introduce this WICKED LASERS FLASHTORCH MINI FLASHLIGHT. This flashlight looks well, like an ordinary flashlight, right. Length of 210mm, the figure is still very pocket. Military grade anodized aluminum material, durable. Built in three levels of brightness, the highest brightness of 2300 lumens, look at the comparison with ordinary flashlight, is absolutely rolling ~ of course, this is not its most cattle, the cattle where it is, the maximum brightness of the case, this part of the flashlight lamp can reach 3400k temperature is about 3126.85 degrees Celsius. Can easily ignite the paper. Even scrambled eggs in the wild! High brightness also brings a drawback, that is not very ideal life time, probably about 30 to 100 minutes. Built in rechargeable battery, equipped with dedicated data lines. At present this flashlight is available in the official website, priced at $199, about 1348 yuan. —————–END——————- play above NB not? Things looked envious? You can play for free, WeChat public number "fruit net", or "fruit" search and download App, go ~ 100 thousand God share toys experience, accumulated poison 10 million straight fag hag.相关的主题文章:

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