25 kinds of Korean cosmetic products nearly half of substandard heavy metals exceeded kairui

25 kinds of Korean cosmetic products nearly half of substandard hospital Korean consumers before the heavy metal exceed the standard publish quality sampling inspection report shows that 25 kinds of semi permanent makeup dye products circulation on the market in South Korea (eyebrow, Eyeliner), 12 kinds of products of different degree of heavy metal content exceed the standard, 30 times of heavy metal content in some products even more than the standard value the individual, a carcinogen exceed the standard 5 times. As a result of Korean cosmetics by many Chinese consumers of all ages, look at the semi permanent cosmetics you use is not a Korean brand. In addition to the quality problem, all sampling products on the packaging label are not in conformity with the specifications, not marked product name, composition, production time and other information. These samples include the top three network sales of branded products. Cases of adverse effects caused by illegal production of counterfeit products, smuggling has not been certified products in South Korea often visible. Not long ago, the South Korean police seized a smuggling, the flow of undocumented semi permanent makeup anesthetic company. The company’s products even into some of the South Korean plastic surgery hospital. Some of the products used by the illegal beauty salon is not guaranteed, with chemical coloring and other raw materials will be put into use. South Korea and semi permanent make-up related cases in recent years, the gradual increase in the first half of this year, up to 12. Many consumers accept semi permanent make-up after the emergence of pain, inflammation, etc., and even severe visual impairment. The market demand weak supervision caused by chaos caused such a mess of semi permanent make-up industry, mainly out of legal regulation and the actual situation in the market. As a result of semi permanent make-up on the skin caused by trauma, so in South Korea is a medical beauty category, subject to the constraints of medical law, only medical institutions to provide services. However, the survey shows that South Korean consumers believe that semi permanent makeup technology is difficult, high requirements for the design, should belong to the cosmetic category, more willing to accept the service in the beauty agency. Strong market demand so that there are a lot of South Korea’s illegal semi permanent make-up beauty agency. This situation makes the regulatory weakness, caused by illegal molecules take advantage of some sinister. Focus on the explosion of cosmetics or from the factory in recent years, in addition to semi permanent make-up products, South Korea, some other cosmetics have also been sought after by many female friends. Informed sources said that many Chinese tourists from South Korea to buy goods, after coming back, I think it may not be right. Because in Korea, including some stores in Seoul Myeong Dong, in fact the boss are personal, they purchase channels is not very stable. Because some styles of cosmetics in Korea by the Blitz, often out of stock phenomenon. Therefore, in South Korea, some unscrupulous traders will also appear the phenomenon of fake goods. South Korea also has published many news and producing factory. Therefore, the customs prompt consumers to buy imported goods, especially the purchase of food, cosmetics category of goods must be purchased through formal channels, so as not to buy fakes, damage to health. According to CCTV network相关的主题文章:

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