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26 passengers on a bus ticket is not   boarding station; there are significant security risks – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: 26 passengers on a bus ticket is no boarding station there are significant security risks of this car license Chongqing bus car was seized. All 26 people did not vote on the car, the driver also dared to pull passengers to the field. Yesterday morning, Xiamen city traffic enforcement detachment Haicang brigade enforcement officers to be dealt with such a provincial bus station illegal boarding. On the morning of 6, the brigade law enforcement officers came to Haicang Haicang Bridge early in the direction of the island, to carry out the "two crises" inspection work. About 9:30 in the morning, law enforcement officers stopped a car license Chongqing bus, after inspection, vehicles and drivers of the documents are complete, but in the face of the normal law enforcement officers asked, the driver was hesitant, especially on the originating site, channel information, passenger capacity and other key information "ask three know", which caused great pay attention to law enforcement personnel. Subsequently, law enforcement officers to ask passengers. It is understood that the car pulled 7 passengers in Quanzhou, Jinjiang, and later pulled in the lake in Xiamen, a total of 19 passengers. The 26 passengers have no ticket, is standing up, there are significant security risks. Originally, the driver wants to take advantage of the National Day holiday, more alive, more money, these passengers are through acquaintances or "black spot" introduced here. Currently, the car has been investigated and dealt with according to law. (the reporter Xu Jingming correspondent Zheng Baihua) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章:

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