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Self-Improvement If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t like the idea of Fate or Destiny where every event in your life is supposedly predetermined and inevitable. We live in a world of cause and effect. We reap what we sow. It’s that simple. And because of that, we have the powers to take charge of our lives, no matter what, no matter how. Every action begins from a decision. And each decision is influenced by emotions and thoughts in our mind. Our mind is the most powerful factor in the equation to either influence our live positively or negatively. Here are 3 Mind Power Secrets locked within your mind, when unleashed, would give you tremendous powers to take charge of your life. The Power of Self Control No man can be successful in whatever field they are in if they cannot first learn the power of Self Control. Without Self Control, our mind gives way to our raw emotions dominating all our activities. Our emotions are purely based on instinctive feelings and have no basis of logic. This is because we are a "thinking" creature unlike animals. The reason why we are also able to rule over the animal kingdom is because of our ability to control emotions. Anger and fear has no place in the pursuit of success. To be successful, learn first to dominate anger and fear so that all the thoughts projected by your mind are positive. The Power of the Conscious Mind Our conscious mind is influenced by several factors. It is automatically attracted to the strongest emotions which run through our mind. Because of this it is essential that we learn to control our emotions and choose which emotions we want to let our conscious mind be dominated by. We should use the emotion of love and peace to control our conscious mind because these emotions will help us amplify thoughts which are harmonious which the Universal Mind. Creations are defined by positive and harmonious thoughts while destructions are fueled by thoughts of fear and anger. Allow only positive thoughts to rule your conscious mind to create a positive situation. The Power of Dreams Our dreams play a very important part in helping us manifest our thoughts into reality. It is the process where we cloth our thoughts with the details to take it further to the stage where it can be acted upon. It is our through our dreams that we give our thoughts purpose and direction. The nobler your dreams are in terms of benefiting mankind, the more impactful will be the physical manifestation of your dreams to reality. Thus do not limit yourself to small dreams. Let your imagination be boundless and dream big. This is because the Universal Mind which assists us in manifesting our dreams does not differentiate between a small dream and an ambitious dream. Remember, we live in a world of cause and effect. Nothing happens until something moves. Don’t have enough money? Then do something about it. Upgrade your skills, look for a better job. Don’t have a girlfriend. Then socialize more, meet more people. You have the power to change every single out.e in your life when you put your mind into it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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