360 released the first domestic telecommunications fraud situation analysis report –it– people’s n-candle june

360 released the first domestic telecommunications fraud situation analysis report –IT– people.com.cn people.com.cn on 8 September, recently, the continued high incidence of telecommunications fraud, a huge threat to the public property and personal safety. September 7th, Internet security company 360 released in Beijing, the situation of the analysis of the 2016 China Telecom fraud report. Report from the overall situation, telephone fraud, telephone fraud, telephone fraud type source type and belonging, telephone fraud source region analysis, target analysis, regional telecom fraud telephone fraud attack time characteristics, telecommunications fraud identification power of regional ranking, telecommunications fraud case dismantling point of view, will present a full telecommunications fraud rampant comprehensive interpretation. The report shows that only in August 2016, 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept all kinds of harassing phone calls for the country’s 3 billion 430 million times, the average daily intercept harassing phone calls about 111 million times. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept telephone fraud, accounting for the total number of harassing phone calls to intercept the month of 13%, an average of about a day to intercept telephone fraud. Taking into account the economic losses and other serious consequences may be brought to the user’s phone fraud, telephone fraud has apparently become the most serious type of harassing phone calls. The basic types of telephone harassment distribution   financial fraud and identity impersonation accounted for nearly 70% in August 2016 according to the 360 display than the mobile phone guards users Tucao information "statistical analysis, the user received all telephone fraud, false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%, such fraud is particularly prevalent in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other large city; second is posing as the identity fraud, accounting for 25.2%. Two types of fraud accounted for 68.4%. In the form of identity fraud, posing as the largest number of telecom operators fraud, accounting for 26%; followed by posing as a leader, accounting for 21.2%; ranked number is posing as courier, accounting for 14.3%. The basic type of telephone fraud distribution do not know the fixed telephone and received 400800 calls, be careful! According to a sample analysis of the August 2016 360 mobile phone guards to intercept telephone fraud case shows that in the fraud phone number source, the number of telephone fraud exhaled most, accounting for all fraud call volume 56%; followed by 400800 the phone, accounted for 27.1%; mobile phone exhaled telephone fraud telephone fraud accounted for 15.4% of the total call; in addition, there are 1.2% of the incoming telephone fraud from overseas. Visible, fixed telephone number and telephone number 400800 should become the focus of telephone fraud governance.   crooks very regular schedule according to the sampling analysis of August 2016 360 mobile phone guards intercept telephone fraud case shows: every Friday to the following Monday, every fraud call volume are more than 15% of the total a week, Tuesday to Thursday call volume is relatively low. Report that is the main reason for this weekend, many people will be at home alone, there is free time, and no side can give yourself a reminder, chances of being successful liar are more fraud. The cheats have chosen it.相关的主题文章:

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