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Writing-and-Speaking When it .es to staying safe, alert and contented, motorcycle helmet is a must-have for any journey, because you wouldnt probably meet a doctor who after examining head injuries of an accident would say Good that he was not wearing a helmet! It doesnt matter how experienced you are or just brought home your first new bike there are some features that every helmet must have and if you are a rider, here is your checklist: Outer Covering – a safety helmet has an outer covering or the shell that protects your head from any kind of injuries. These shells are usually made of fiberglass or lightweight plastic which makes it puncture resistance and is capable of handling any kind of impact. Newer versions of motorcycle helmets .e with carbon fiber or Kevlar make. The Form Lining under the shell .es the thick lining that is usually made of good quality form from expanded polystyrene. This lightweight foam usually protects your head from any kind of injuries by reducing, spreading and absorbing any kind of high impact that otherwise would nearly crush your brain. Padded Inner Lining this is the soft padded form that gives you a snug fit inside, keeps your helmet intact and gives you the right fit. This is a detachable padding system which you can tune according to your .fort and right fit. Chin Strap A good quantity chinstrap with sturdy D- rings can keep your helmet right in place, and is the most vital and basic feature of a helmet. This strap can keep your helmet on even if you face the most unexpected fall and can literally save your life. However, it doesnt matter if you choose a superbike helmet or a standard full-face helmet, what matters most is to select a helmet that serves your riding purpose. When choosing a helmet, you must consider the type of riding that you would normally do or enjoy, your daily travel time, your weather conditions through which you need to ride, and the season that you might have to take you bike out or the type of road that you have to travel the most. Once you are clear of your regular habits, it would be easier to start narrowing down on your choices and .e to a great deal that not only looks good, but gives you the best safety. Brands like X-Dot helmet and Grayfosh helmets does a great job when it .es to quality as well as great selection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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