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Real-Estate Checking out your future neighbors is an important part of evaluating a prospective homes. While the home you are looking at may be everything you dream of, your neighbors will play a big part in whether it’s livable. Also, neighbors can also tip you off to information that may not be disclosed by the owner, such as flooding basements, tragedies, and the eccentricities of other neighbors. While meeting the neighbors isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get along with them, it’s just one more way to get a better feel for a neighborhood before buying. Neighbors can make or break your enjoyment of your home and property. It’s not always as bad as sites like, can indicate. Great neighbors can make an otherwise less-than-ideal property great to live in. Bad neighbors can make a beautiful home and grounds hell. You can’t always determine whether you’ll have problems with a casual conversation, but sometimes people will drop information that can give you warning that they or someone in the neighborhood isn’t the best person to share your street with. Potential problems with the home you’re looking at can sometimes be discovered with a few minutes’ friendly chat with someone in the area who has noticed the Pest-B-Gone van making frequent visits or the former owner complaining about the constant basement flooding. There are some issues with a home that owners feel are better off not talked about, but if your potential neighbors have noticed, you might be in for a surprise. Better now than when you’ve bought the house. Even if you still decide to put in an offer, you will have more negotiating power if you have more knowledge. Other tips neighbors can give you is on the neighborhood association, if there is one. Is it laid-back or crazy-strict? Does an infraction bring a friendly face or phone call or does it immediately result in threats of fines or litigation? Some people like the atmosphere of a just-so community, but others will find it stifling and annoying. The reverse is getting stressed because the rules are not enforced. A chat with one of the residents may clue you in as to whether your complex is too lax, just right or too strict. Chat up a neighbor about the condo or townhome complex. Assessments to a condo or townhome complex can catch new owners by surprise. If the neighbor has some good information about possible improvements to be done in the next few months or years, it may affect your decision to buy. Ask about any problems they or other people have been experiencing with their units Ask about the shared amenities; are they in good working order and do people use them? Ask about disputes among neighbors or between neighbors and the condo association. Talking to potential neighbors is a great way of learning more about your potential home and avoiding some issues that may not be immediately apparent. Also, it can serve to introduce yourself to future neighbors and establish friendly relations from the start. You never know, friendly chats could save you thousands of dollars! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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