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Food-and-Drink Is there really health through reverse osmosis water purification devices? If you believe the advertising hype, home reverse osmosis systems are the "smart" choice. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, there are many things to consider. Here’s what you need to know about your water purification choices. You may be able to provide better health through reverse osmosis, because of microbial cysts. If ingested, they can cause severe gastrointestinal illnesses. They may be found in any public water supply and even in bottled brands. In order to remove them, a sub-micron particle filter is necessary. Home reverse osmosis systems must be certified to provide sub-micron particle filtration in order to remove cysts. Other purification methods will also remove them, including boiling and blocks with a fine porous sub-micron mesh. Boiling does not remove chemical contaminants. In fact, boiling releases some chemical contaminants into the air, where they are just as hazardous. If boiling is necessary because of E coli contamination that can occur after a major flood or hurricane, then you should first use a filter with a granular carbon purifier. Purifiers with activated carbon are less expensive than home reverse osmosis systems. But, if you choose to look for better health through reverse osmosis, you need to choose a system that has multiple stages. Check performance data to find out what chemical contaminants will be removed. Have your water tested for the presence of contaminants. If the only dangers that you face are chemicals and parasitic cysts, then you will not get any better health through reverse osmosis than you could through another purification method. Everyone needs a home purification system. You need one in the kitchen and the bathroom. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that infection can occur while brushing one’s teeth or washing vegetables, because the cysts may cling to the food. Certain chemical contaminants become airborne in the shower. Exposure to some of the byproducts of chlorination can cause cancer. An increased risk of at least 30% has been reported. Some researchers say the risk is higher. But, there is no longer any doubt that many cases of colorectal and bladder cancers are caused by exposure to disinfection byproducts. Can you protect your health through reverse osmosis? Remember to ask the filter manufacturer if the system removes trihalomethanes or THMs. That’s the only way to be certain. Multi-stage carbon block purifiers will protect you from THMs. They can be installed in just your showerheads, or in your entire house. They also cost less than a full reverse osmosis system. Be certain to learn as much as you can before you buy anything. The disadvantages of home reverse osmosis systems may outweigh the benefits. No matter whether you choose to try to protect your health through reverse osmosis or another system, do something. Otherwise, the risks from water hazards are too great. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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