54 people injured in the riots in Mong Kok, Hongkong, causing 90 injuries (Fig.) www.1234567.com

Hongkong Wangjiao riot 54 arrests incident caused 90 people injured (Figure) original title: Hongkong police have arrested 54 people in February 9, the Xinhua News Agency Hongkong riots (reporter Niu Qi) for the 8 night began the Mongkok riots, the Hongkong SAR Government Commissioner Lu Weicong 9 afternoon held a press conference said that the Police strongly condemn mob behavior, and that the police have the ability and confidence to deal with any illegal act. Lu Weicong said that the violence has led to nearly 90 police officers and several journalists were injured, many of them were cut and bruised, some officers need to stay in hospital for observation and treatment. The police has arrested 54 people, including 47 male and 7 female, ranging from 15 to 70 years old, suspected of illegal assembly and assaulting a police officer, if there is enough evidence, the prosecution will consider participating in violence crimes. Lu Weicong pointed out that the events in the vehicles carrying goods to the mob, do not rule out the violence organized and planned, the police will have further arrests. He stressed that the police have the ability and confidence to deal with any illegal act. Lu Weicong at the press conference for the police in the harsh environment, never retreat, uphold the rule of law, at the same time, thanks to the public and reporters to the police support and help. From the beginning of the 8 day night, hundreds of rioters in Mong Kok illegal gathering, assaulting a police officer in the execution of their duties and in the live interview with journalists, police and fire damaged property. Hongkong police immediately launched action to drive away the rioters. Morning to 9, Mong Kok occupied the road gradually by the police control, recovery situation. After the incident, the Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying said, for the lawless riots the government will not tolerate, the police will fully apprehend the mob. He was still in the morning to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to visit the injured police officers and stressed that absolutely can not let such things happen again. The SAR Government Secretary for transport and Housing Bureau Zhang Bingliang said the event was sad and regrettable, from all walks of life has always stressed Hongkong is peaceful city, society should condemn violence. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

香港旺角暴乱54人被拘捕 事件致90人伤(图)   原标题:香港警方在暴乱事件中已拘捕54人   新华社香港2月9日电(记者牛琪)针对8日深夜开始的旺角暴乱事件,香港特区政府警务处处长卢伟聪9日下午召开记者会表示,警方强烈谴责暴徒行为,并警方强调有能力、有信心处理任何违法行为。   卢伟聪说,暴乱已导致近90名警员及数名记者受伤,其中多人被割伤及撞伤,部分警员需留院观察治疗。警方至今已拘捕54人,包括47男7女,介乎15至70岁,涉嫌非法集结和袭警等,若有足够证据,会考虑检控参与暴乱罪行。   卢伟聪指出,事件中有车辆运载物品予暴徒,不排除是有组织、有计划的暴力事件,警方将有进一步拘捕行动。他强调,警方有能力、有信心处理任何违法行为。   卢伟聪在记者会上感谢警员在恶劣环境下,绝不退缩,维护法纪,同时感谢市民和在场记者对警方的支持和帮助。   从8日深夜开始,数百名暴徒在旺角非法集结,袭击执行职务的警务人员及在现场采访的新闻工作者,毁坏警车及公物,纵火。香港警方随即展开行动,驱离暴乱者。至9日晨,旺角被占据的道路陆续被警方控制,局势得到恢复。   事件发生后,香港特区行政长官梁振英表示,对于目无法纪的暴乱行为特区政府绝不姑息,警方将全力缉拿暴徒归案。他还在当日上午到伊利沙伯医院看望受伤警员并强调,绝对不能够让类似的事情再次发生。   特区政府运输及房屋局局长张炳良表示,对事件感到痛心和遗憾,各界一向强调香港是平和的城市,社会应对暴力行为予以谴责。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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