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China warships by foreign ports to achieve one-stop services to help enterprises – Sohu military channel map of Changbai Mountain foreign ship in the dock, to protect the local Chinese vehicle enterprise organization. Gu Yagen taken a Navy landing ship detachment relying on foreign enterprises overseas security tasks of foreign port berthing ships "one-stop service" reporter Gu Yagen reports: in early September, went to Thailand to attend the second ADMM humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and military medicine joint exercise Naval Amphibious dock landing ship Changbai Mountain ship berthing Thailand port, civil Laem Chabang port. Choose from the berth, berth on pilot ship, tug mooring equipment, to stop after unloading, vehicle use, water supply, a smooth, full. The landing ship detachment of the logistics department minister Zhang Qun told reporters: "I by the Thai Embassy in advance with the China several enterprises in Thailand, informed the traffic service demand, when we arrived the security has been arranged!" In recent years, with the expansion of the mission of the Navy, the ship tracks farther and farther away, with my foreign companies, multinational companies to expand the pace of cooperation around the world. In the past, when the navy ships docked foreign ports, are coordinated by the military, diplomatic channels to transport specific matters. Today, warships through foreign companies Acting various services, not only in line with the common practice of the world’s navies, but also more smoothly in the process. I see the ship in Changbai Mountain, meeting room, Chinese in Thailand business general manager of a company and the ship Logistics Assistant Liu Yuanjiang Lu Junshan check service bill, through China business matchmaking and business cooperation, overseas to provide "one-stop" services for Changbai Mountain ship. "After the national defense traffic law" was announced, the first time we organized the staff to study, to further enhance the concept of national defense transportation." Liu Yuanjiang said: "we deepen the integration of military and civilian, give full play to the foreign business resources, to provide quality services for the motherland warships, let the soldiers on duty overseas better, but also provide more strong backing for us." Nearly 10 countries have visited Changbai Mountain ship captain Deng Xianwu said, as long as there is Chinese enterprises in place, there are ships pre traffic security point. During the execution of the eighteenth escort missions, they in addition to foreign ports and supply ship supplies, also opened the third supply — merchant supplies: Chinese merchant ships from the domestic to escort ships carrying supplies. In addition, China merchant also share information with real-time weather and sea naval ships; foreign enterprises to provide guarantee for the travel of the vehicle crew berthing local China warships. Warships for Tianya Zorpia, thoroughfare. The depth of military and civilian integration to provide a strong naval vessels overseas transportation security. These years, the implementation of the Gulf of Aden naval escort, visit abroad, more and more joint military drill and other tasks, provide a lot of traffic security enterprises, many Chinese institutions and coordination. According to reports, the next step will be based on the Navy defense traffic law, regulate the troops in foreign countries to accept the support provided by my overseas enterprises, efforts to form a long-term regulatory mechanism. The state and foreign institutions engaged in international transport business and their overseas institutions shall be implemented for the implementation of the international rescue.相关的主题文章:

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