Deng Zhesheng 9.22 natural gas EIA how to make the layout, crude oil asphalt evening operation recom 捷安特xtc750

Deng Zhesheng: 9.22 natural gas EIA how to make the layout, the evening operation of crude oil recommended Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Deng Zhesheng: 9.22 natural gas EIA how to make the layout of crude bitumen — in the evening operation you met me, all the profits are not profitable, all losses are not losses. Do you like bungee jumping, guts to jump, looked up at you after landing, the original is a matter of minutes. You lost before I will return to you in another form. If you do not adjust the good mentality, can not grasp the direction, trying to save before the loss, we can help you, don’t let me play karma. Market review – September interest rate hike that was finally settled, the market speculation hike issue is to raise a Babel of criticism of friend’s eyes just to attract more investment. In fact, the outcome has long been expected, the author of the recent article analysis many times stressed that whether the interest rate or not, gold, crude oil and other investment products will inevitably bring a wave of hair slightly rebound, especially from the crude oil on line, the current W form two bottom rebound gradually forming, short-term is likely to continue to rebound, but also do not need to to prevent the risk of market to fall, after all, the crude oil inventory worries linger. As a product of crude oil, its trend and international crude oil is the same, the recommendations given this evening, the perfect profit 40 points, do the 150T of the 20 hand is *20*150=9 (40-10)! – Saudi Arabia has long occupied the first China oil import share has been as the leader of OPEC Saudi Arabia in the international crude oil market, especially in the United States summon wind and call for rain, and the oil dollar teamed up to open era after it is none around, both for their own interests often malicious to manipulate the market price of oil, a lot of the country suffer, but the two giants together, "ah, has been Chinese are imported oil consumption superpower, is also very dependent on what oil exporter, Saudi Arabia has long occupied China oil import share in the first, but always think that he helped Chinese, with no real time changes of eyes. With the beginning of the Iran oil ban, and Russia, Angola and other countries to China oil imports increase step by step, Saudi Arabia finally felt the crisis, then began to increase China oil transport, but also to below market price to sell to China, it should be a China which saying so in fact regret past doings. Saudi Arabia is low profile and a big reason is that the oil in the United States relations appear hitherto unknown. – investors encounter in investment spot problems in single with no stop, no direction without a clear line of defense, who can stop missing greedy finally stop, platform advantage is not obvious, not a responsible teacher! This – – natural gas market analysis of natural gas today is still a continuation of yesterday’s bull theory相关的主题文章:

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