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Guizhou Province hundred mountain young teachers recognized Beijing – Beijing October 25 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) Guizhou 100 outstanding young teachers in mountainous areas in Guiyang on 25 donation reward and recognition. In October 25th, organized by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Guizhou Provincial Department of education, the Communist Youth League of Guizhou provincial Party committee, Guizhou provincial youth development foundation, CO sponsored the Shenzhen Klc Holdings Ltd run deep in the "2016 annual" deep run Project Hope Education Foundation for poverty alleviation "mountain of outstanding teachers grants distribution ceremony held in Guiyang, 100 from Guizhou mountain top young teachers received 2000 yuan scholarship and honor certificate. The donation ceremony, hundreds of thousands of Yuan love businesses to youth development foundation of Guizhou Province, for teachers to reward and build 20 hope Library in a remote area of Guizhou. The Communist Youth League of Guizhou provincial Party committee deputy inspector Tang Shengjian said that the event aims for outstanding young teachers in mountainous areas of Guizhou province have made outstanding contributions in education, encourage them to grassroots level as in the past, to make new contributions to mountain youth education. At the same time, create a social atmosphere of respecting teachers, so that more social forces to support the development of Guizhou education in poor areas, to encourage more young teachers in grassroots level, service in youth, train more talents. Activities on site. Zhang Wei shot 100 young teachers commended the is through recommendation, social recommendation and personal recommendation form to declare, and by the delegation of city (state) Youth League Committee, provincial governing county led, in conjunction with the local education bureau jointly allocated according to the deeds of the material and places selected candidates 120, the composition of the United Front Work Department Guizhou provincial Party committee, the Education Department of Guizhou Province, the Guizhou Provincial Communist Youth League, Guizhou province green panel, in accordance with the principles of openness and fairness of the audit and online publicity, the final selection of the. The teachers in rural schools are rooted in fifteen years of hard, never tired, never bitter, the school and the education teaching work arranged in good order in Anlong county Ninglong hope primary school teacher Cen Huali; to break the traditional mountain block, using the "Hope Project" service concept, actively for the school to raise construction funds, grants etc. all kinds of love money about 3000000 yuan, Wu Shengqing Liping County Central Primary School Teacher Luo Li Xiang lead the development of education in mountainous area; with meticulous care left-behind children’s learning and life, to feel the existence of love left-behind children in Hezhang County Rural Town Center Primary School Teacher Luo Yong…. Qiannan Town, Huishui county. Haohuahong haohuahong middle school teacher Mao Zhujun told reporters, I love my occupation, this is the most glorious sun occupation, choose teachers chose a responsibility. Qiandongnan Congjiang County Jia Mian Township Central Primary School Hu Chuxuan said, every teacher in rural areas are paid the same effort, only because of this responsibility. (end)相关的主题文章:

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