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The 97 year old professor at Tianjin University for 10 years to donate — Society — original title: 97 year old big professor for 10 years to donate the teacher’s day this year, Guangdong County of Raoping province Chaozhou City Town Center Primary School "and scholarship" has been injected twenty thousand yuan donation. The 97 year old Yang Enze, a professor at the Tianjin University, is the first of his kind to donate money to the school for the past tenth years. The money is used to set up and funded scholarships, students and teachers excellent in character and learning. At first, the fund was only used to finance students, and later Yang Enze specifically proposed, but also to commend outstanding teachers. Since 2006, he promised to fund 20 years. "Someone asked me if I could hold on to the end, I had to talk to the kids, and if I didn’t live up to that time, they could help me finish." Yang Enze said. Yang Enze is the elder statesman of the field of optical fiber communication, optical fiber communication in China has witnessed from scratch, from low-end to high-end technology leap, leading and greatly promote the development of the field. Now, he is still working every day in the office, on the one hand continue to understand the dynamics of scientific research, on the one hand to help students with their own graduate students. "I go to work at 8 in the morning and leave at 6 p.m.. When you are young, overtime is normal." Yang Enze has been teaching for more than 70 years, and has trained a large number of outstanding scientific research workers, many of whom are famous scholars and academicians. "8 years ago, Mr. Yang went to the lab every day. Now we work, often see Mr. Yang is still in the office to the student papers, see homework." Lu Li, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school of information, said. Yang Enze in a "dual screen machine" on the computer instead of homework and paper to students, students display a screen, he is on another piece of screen calculus. "I mainly help students clarify some basic concepts". The use of modern tools to work and life is Yang Enze proud of the "ability", "sometimes I can not do well, you have to ask students to help". The students will leave a message on QQ and WeChat, "I will reply one by one, though slow". Jeans, a striped shirt, not deaf ears, eyes do not spend, Professor Yang Enze at the age of 97 in good out of a bandbox, quick response, shake hands can feel great hand over old man. When he was 93 years old, he also played tennis for 1 hours a day, unfamiliar people can not guess, the optimistic old man had cancer. In 2005, Yang Enze during bladder cancer undergoing surgery in Shenzhen, where he received a day optical communication laboratory from Guangdong County of Raoping province sent 100 thousand yuan donation receipt, the students learned that the old man took his life savings donated assistant. When the money is used to build Raoping County town center primary school "and the science building". Yang Enze sent 3 donations, a total of more than 30 yuan, donated to the last, he left only $5 on the passbook. "I wish I could live another 10 years." Yang Enze easily planning for the future life, "if not, let the children help to sell my house, it should be worth some money, part of the continued contribution to primary school, part of stay相关的主题文章:

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