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Lunch review: the impact of the afternoon 3100 points. Fortune Dragon: afternoon to wait cautiously early two stock markets opened mixed, prev opened in 3095, opened 0.5, Shen Chengzhi opened in 10855, opened 4 points, auction 2 billion 800 million two. Early stock index higher volatility, index again line station last year however, in the vicinity of 3100 difficult to fall, the market turned green, near the late transaction brokerage sector, stock index turned red, and the line station last year, as of the closing stock index closed at 3096 points, up 0.6 points, water transport, plate engineering machinery, machinery parts and other sector gainers, ecological garden, nonferrous mine mining, air transport and other plate decreases. In early trading stock index volatility has once again challenge 3100 movements, but unfortunately due to lack of buying, resulting in the failure of the rally, index back in line below, after no obvious Vancouver, the present situation index in early trading in line for the more intense competition, so the next afternoon market will be how to run that afternoon, Ge wealth continue to wait and see no operation. Early shock closing stock index again stand on the line last year, but in the afternoon we are more concerned about whether the market can successfully stand on 3100 points, I personally think the possibility is not. In view of the current trend in early trading does not meet the above mentioned two requirements, so for the afternoon market trend, I still do not recommend that everyone involved. Lighthouse sea stocks: impact of the afternoon 3100 forecast: 1, the Shanghai stock market index on the 30 minute chart KDJ line MACD divergence operation shows short-term rebound as well as the impulse; a 30 minute chart upper Bollinger band (3101) upward traction and its index close to; so that afternoon the market index will impact 3100 and the 55 week moving average (3103 points). 2, the Shanghai stock market average of 256 days to temporarily run down trend, the stock index rebound with a downward force; on the 60 minute chart of MACD index and KDJ index of red line column shortening line Sicha, display the corresponding level yet completely remove the risk adjustment; therefore, the afternoon after the market index close to or above 55 week moving average at the moment fall, then shocks around the 256 day moving average for. 3 afternoon, the Shanghai stock market stocks to rebound intraday pressure were 3105 points and 3123 points, strong pressure is 3138 points; fall adjusted intraday support are 3073 points, 3061 points, strong support is 3050 points. Suggestions: from the purely technical analysis of the Shanghai stock market on the 60 minute chart of MACD red column shortening and KDJ index line Sicha downward divergence, showing the market pulled up, facing the corresponding level of adjustment, again; 55 week moving average (3103 points) to temporarily run down trend, the stock index this week to close a the pressing; so that the market stock index exceeded 3100 points after the magnitude of the more can once again pulled up short-term high throw, but the index did not recover until the 256 day moving average after adjustment, without tension. ?相关的主题文章:

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