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The new MacBook Pro 7000 words long after the evaluation, that is suitable to you – Apple’s new technology Sohu, in addition has been steady; but do subtraction, so fast. The new MacBook Pro is the best example: when multi touch iPhone has become "super" as a selling point, but in the MacBook Pro iPhone to sell 9 generation after plus a very narrow multi touch screen above the keyboard, and you have used the 9 pin USB interface in n now, cut down the one left. This could be your most tangled MacBook Pro. Youku video love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) to get the whole series of new MacBook Pro in advance, were 13 inch Touch Bar minimum configuration; 13 inch Touch 15 inch Bar highest configuration; Touch Bar custom flagship. We spent four days on the three devices of the depth of experience, we hope all present it in every detail and every feeling we bring. So there will be a lengthy evaluation of this 7000 word. In order to be able to get the hands of 3 new MBP direct comparison, we also found a new flagship MacBook Pro 2015, a direct comparison. Performance: comprehensive promotion, no need to worry about the picture from the iFixit appearance, size and weight of the whole, the new MBP still maintain the appearance of the design style before, of course also includes several "small changes": A Logo for metal version does not shine out of the side table to the shaft; a metal integrated design, while the middle shaft sinking to below C, no longer isolated; black screen on the edge below has narrowed. Because the black edge narrows, the size is reduced. In yesterday’s announcement, the reader wanted us to be able to clearly show the actual shell color. Currently, 2016 new MBP regardless of the 13, 15 inches are only available in two colors: silver, deep air ash. Silver is not much to say, and deep ash is obviously from the iPhone 6 6s. Interestingly, the iPhone 6S compared with what we have, the actual color perception is very close, so I want to look ahead, you just need to find the color effect of Taiwan deep space gray iPhone 6 6s. The new 13 inch MBP with MacBook Air (MacBook Air in size contrast) shell size also changed, the 13 inch version of the thickness of only 14.9 mm, thinner than the previous generation 18%, length and width were also reduced by 10mm and 7mm, the final volume reduced by 23%; 15 inch version thickness slightly HouBo相关的主题文章:

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