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Geely imperial GL car has to store will be listed in September 20th – Sohu [Sohu] car car new car recently, domestic media reports, Geely imperial GL has been to the shop. According to prior news, the new car will be listed in September 20th, and will provide 1.3T and 1.8L two engine options. Appearance: the new car uses a family design language, highlighting the style of the atmosphere. The new car will be all standard headlight height adjustment, electric automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights, electrically adjustable rearview mirror (with heating). Tail, the new car is also equipped with LED taillights. Interior: the new car uses the latest design style Geely family, the central console using a layered design, the use of multiple metal wire panels, enhance the interior texture. Tight central control knob and short handle shift lever to enhance the front storage space. The back of the door handle back to the font design and vehicle design language echoes, the seat and the door into the brown and black with two color. The configuration section, new car is equipped with boundless flat screen 8 inch Multi Touch HD LCD screen, and CarPlay, G-Netlink system. At the same time, ACC adaptive cruise system, the city pre crash system will also appear in the car. Security configuration: Geely imperial GL according to different models will be equipped with collision safety system, ABS+EBD, ACC adaptive cruise control system, reverse image, ESP vehicle stability control system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, EPB electronic parking, automatic parking, reversing radar. Comfortable configuration, the new car will be the standard key to start, leather steering wheel, keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, the rear seats 46, four folding door and window lifting (pinch). In addition, the new car will also be equipped with the main driving seat 6 to the electric adjustment, 3.5 inches driving computer display, intelligent start and stop configuration. Power: the new car uses 1.3T and 1.8L two engines, the maximum power of 129 horsepower and 133 horsepower. Matching 6 speed manual or 6 speed dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章:

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