Guo Degang Cao Yunjin the media commentary event opened a traditional apprenticeship scar – Beijing 若槻ゆうか

Guo Degang Cao Yunjin: the media commentary event opened a traditional apprenticeship scar – Beijing, the original title: Guo Cao unveiled the conflict of traditional apprenticeship scar even apprentice ceremony can change, "kidnapped" Apprentice why not to abandon stale rules? The era of rule of law, say what "bullying day around, against human relations", is to know the feeling of lost track of time. In the last week of Deyunshe "a festival, Deyunshe launched its" family tree ", and" had Yongyun word names of two people, or days off against human ancestors…… Take out the door division ", stage name for He Yunwei Cao Yunjin, two people suspected. As Guo Degang’s disciples, Cao Yunjin in September 5th published a long article broke many insider, the full text of the "you" call Guo Degang, said "the way is not the same place, long life, is not goodbye." ("Meirixinbao" September 6th) mentoring enemies, incompatible, in the literary circle and the academic circles are not difficult to find the vivid case, also like Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin as a "dog". There are two kinds of causes of mentoring break, a conflict of values, the two is the conflict of interests, conflicts of interest are of course. Often hear people say "for the benefit of the intersection, as the loose, the reality is not good, people have scattered, for instance because of the uneven distribution of benefits and discord, until the break. Cao Cao’s argument, although the need for more truth, but still can not be separated from each other behind a profit word. From Cao Yunjin’s number two people watching thousands of words long article, in the economy really tangled. The conflict of interests reflects the absence of the spirit of contract. Grenade lesson, Baishixueyi, an old one, but today, and the coach Shoutu must take the initiative to adapt to the modern civilization, in the rule of law, and can’t play "I am the world, that a mouth including days the constitution". The old society made apprentice indenture often have such terms: "the apprentice period, no price paid, full, price negotiable. If it violates the rule of development, let play as scold, privately run ten meters, fine stone, Touhebenjing has nothing to do with the shopkeeper." This clause was thrown into the dustbin of history. Can be any violation of any abuse? Touhebenjing has nothing to do with the shopkeeper? If so, where is the law? In today’s world, the teacher corporal punishment of students are not allowed in law, "Ren Ren Ren scold" on today? The crosstalk and the folk art circles Shoutu, different from the general school education, still retain some strong old habits, especially pay attention to teachers, often there are a number of parochial prejudice, such as the worship of touts unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, etc.. In addition, there are a series of industry rules, insurmountable. Maybe these rules are not deviate from the legal rules of outdated customs and bad habits, but it should be abandoned. The apprentice just apprentice, not your servant, not your money machine, sign the contract for you to sign the contract, the wages on wages, with the old rules impracticalto. In the era of progress, then seemingly reasonable things may be unreasonable, illegal. Still Shoutu as an example, to kneel the apprentice? "A couple years ago Ni Ming Xia Wenlan, comedian Shoutu, 12 amateur comedian, holding flowers lined up for apprentice ceremony, no kneel. In the scene of the crosstalk master Zhang Yongxi said: "I do not approve of" ritual "Sichuan相关的主题文章:

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