This small country in Europe and China have not established diplomatic relations, it is what the rea 小坂めぐる

This small country in Europe and China have not established diplomatic relations, it is what the real magic – [] this is the Sohu of tourism lead the public number of new small columns: Little Shun travel inspiration. Every time I use a short space to talk about a small window I encountered in the trip, to give everyone a little reference. Welcome to pay attention to "Liu little Shun" public number: lxslvxing (- press copy), 80 travel writer Liu Xiaoshun will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! – don’t write boring Raiders, just to give you inspiration and travel the country is surrounded by the city of Rome, an area of only 0.44 square kilometers, a population of only more than and 500 people, and Italy in order to separate, this small country built high walls. Yes, this small European country is the Vatican, and it has not established diplomatic relations with china. Look at the wall of people queuing out of sight, my friends and I fortunately reservations made online in advance, or watch posture, if line, certainly not all day long row to the door. As the world center of the Catholic Church, the Vatican will naturally have a variety of works of art. The museum is said to have more than 2 thousand rooms, filled with a variety of art works in different periods of major artists, each one is very valuable. The visitors in a continuous line. "The last supper". Rafael’s paintings. In addition to paintings, there are sculptures. All kinds of sculpture works. Ancient characters printed on bricks. The museum room is too much, we are unable to read, so go to see the best part — the Sistine Chapel, there are three outstanding heroes of the Renaissance of the fresco of Michelangelo, known to the world. Follow the flow has been walking. Through all kinds of doors. There are beautiful works of art all over the road. Head is also a variety of complex murals. Beautiful decoration, the eyes are looking at flowers. But the Sistine Chapel hadn’t arrived yet? A sight is not the end of the stream of people ah. Mural painting. Mural painting. Or mural. I can’t go outside because I can only go to the designated route, I take a scene outside the window. Continue mural. Mural painting. Or mural. Go leg pain, and finally went to the Sistine Chapel, all visitors inside are also looked up as a collective nosebleeds, it is because of Michelangelo’s murals painted on the ceiling, must look up to see. Unfortunately, the Sistine Chapel is strictly prohibited to take photographs, so there is no way for everyone to see the inside of the case. We are interested in, can search the web search to the Sistine Chapel in the Michelangelo murals, or have the opportunity to go to the Vatican to see Oh, please remember to advance booking on the internet. After visiting the museum, it is also the main part of the Vatican tour, we went to visit the world’s five largest church of Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, but because of the time, we did not line up. Although the Vatican is geographically a small country, but because of god.相关的主题文章:

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