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The Leonids 17 days maximum zHR was about 15 star – Beijing, North Taurids trio this year, the largest round the moon, the leonids…… Enter the end of the year of the planetarium theater is still very lively, a planetarium show wonderful performance, one of the most exciting is the November 17th Leonids, a "Leonids meteor shower king" title, has been one of the recent Drama Theatre theatre. In the cold winter, "to accompany you to see the meteor shower" seems to be a romantic thing, but the meteor shower gives the impression that the sky meteor as holiday fireworks like fall, drawing a beautiful arc in the sky, in fact, like rain generally shocking scene is extremely rare meteor shower, because the spectacular "meteor storm" occurs only in ten years or even decades of prosperity during the meteor shower. In the case of the Leonid meteor shower, it can be observed every year from November 14th to 21, but the number of observations in the usual year is limited. The Leonids occur about once every 33 years the peak period, the number of meteors per hour when most of the more than 35 thousand, the formation of "spectacular stars fell like rain". The last strong period of the Leonid meteor shower occurred from 1997 to 2001. A meteor shot across the sky, lit up half the sky, the meteor shower has long attracted the attention of the ancients, speaking of meteor observation history, Beijing planetarium astronomy expert Kou Wen said that the China ancient bamboo annals "in" summer Digui fifteen years, night stars fell like rain "records, the most detailed record in" Zuo Zhuan "," Duke Zhuang seven in the summer of April January night, the stars were not seen, the night stars fell like rain." Duke Zhuang seven year is 687 BC, is the earliest record of the world lyrids. There are about 180 records of meteor showers in ancient china. The Lyrids record is about 9 times, about 12 times the Perseid meteor shower, the Leonids record 7 times. These records are of great significance for the study of the evolution of the meteor orbits. The meteor shower is more records about foreign Anecdotes, the Leonids appeared in 1833 in the southeast United States per hour traffic close to fifty thousand, the cascade of rain flow really let the people at that time have appeared in the newspaper be frightened and change color, alien invasion, which will destroy the earth and other reports. The formation of the meteor shower is closely related to comets and asteroids. Kou Wen said, most of the meteor shower is generating parent material comet, the comet is a small celestial body in the solar system, composed of ice, when running to near the sun because of thermal effect, material itself began to evaporate and fall off the material still remain in orbit, if the comet’s orbit and the earth track the intersection, so when the two tracks intersect, a large number of meteoroids will enter the earth’s atmosphere, the formation of a meteor shower. The size of the meteor shower is very different. Sometimes there are only a few meteors in an hour, but they all seem to be "coming out" from the same point of view.相关的主题文章:

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