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The United States has undergone many parts of the anti spy demonstrations turned into riots Trump – Sohu news CNR net Beijing on November 14th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that 13 local time, U.S. President elect Trump announced the first appointment, the appointment of the Republican National Committee Chairman Pulibasi as director of the White House Office of his. The same day, the Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS broadcast the first television interview, Trump after the victory of the immigration policy and the position of the law with the Obama health care reform campaign period is slightly different, he also talked about the much maligned twitter habits. According to the China Radio International reporter Lv Xiaohong introduced in the United States, the United States media these days in the quiz Trump future government members of the team, the first appointment as expected. Because Pulibasi Trump’s victory made distinctions won in battle, Trump in the victory speech had deliberately Pulibasi called onto the stage thanks. As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Pulibasi serves as a bridge between Trump and Republican and Republican leaders in Congress in the elections, especially after Trump’s words and deeds and special one after another scandal, he played a huge role of communication and mediation, his good relation with Republican factions has become the best choice for this position therefore, Trump’s appointment is reciprocated, but also to senior Republicans said their willingness to Congress to promote a Republican agenda. The Pulibasi’s appointment has been the speaker of the house of representatives of Ruian Zambia, public opinion generally believes that this appointment is for those of Trump still doubts a reassurance. Recently, Trump accepted an interview with the Wall Street journal "and" Cbs Broadcasting Inc, this is the first time he accepted the media interview in the election, immigration, health care and other issues in the campaign rhetoric of the most intense, Trump’s position slightly eased. For example, in the general election when he repeatedly clamored to overthrow Obama health care reform bill, but in the dialogue with the two media, said he would remain a part of the Obama health care plan, including the prohibition of insurance business for those who have congenital diseases provide insurance terms, he also said that in the overthrow of Obama health care reform bill also will introduce the new health law no, let people medigap. On immigration, he insisted on an office on the 2 and 3 million have a criminal record of undocumented immigrants deported, and will fulfill his campaign promises, in the United States and Mexico border to build "the United States version of the Great Wall". However, he also said that the wall of the Mexican border part can also be a fence, instead of cement pouring reinforced wall, the real estate tycoon said he was very good at it, because this is called "building". He also said that his government will decide how to deal with the problem of millions of undocumented immigrants after stepping up border security and expelling illegal immigrants. Trump has been elected president of the United States has been in the past five days, while the protesters marched into the past fifth days. In many big city in the United States Coast, Hilary supporters or opponents of Trump have taken to the streets, criticism of Trump is "sexist and racist", calling for a boycott of trone.相关的主题文章:

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