Deputy Secretary of the party and the boat collision killed swimming continued the perpetrators were 特命战队go busters

Deputy Secretary of the party and the boat collided swimming continued: the perpetrators were killed on the original title: Sichuan District Deputy Secretary of swimming and boat collided accident victims area ships and personnel has been a criminal investigation cover news reporter Xiao Ru Wang Yuqin photography September 11th snow white belly, cover news (thecover) reporter from the Jianyang city of Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau was informed that 10 evening about 6:50, in the vicinity of Sancha Lake Leisure Road a yacht hit a swimmer swimmer, after she died, the deceased was Deputy Secretary of the Ziyang Municipal Committee of Yanjiang Cao Xiuguang. Cao Xiuguang 53 years old, usually like swimming. As of 11 pm 6, Cao Xiuguang’s funeral is in order, the Jianyang police on the matter is still under investigation. Visit the site: the residual paper money and blood before or swim 800 meters 11 noon, the reporters came to cover the news (thecover) Sancha lake. According to the police informed that the incident is located in a place called Leisure Road near the trail, led by the local villagers, the reporter finally identified the location of the incident. Accurately speaking, leisure road is a long cement road, less than a meter wide, around the island, in a corner of the mouth, burning incense paper after the ashes on the ground, clear the blood, seemed to tell the sad story. An anonymous uncle said the incident, he was not far from fishing. "5 in the afternoon, I saw 3 people together across the swimming, just started along the shore shoal swim for a while, then three people began to split up to the river to swim," said the uncle, is about 6 in the afternoon, he heard a cry for help in front of the left front suddenly, "he heard the cry for help (the deceased)." The waters of the incident from the deceased to swim in the waters of the straight-line distance of about 200 meters, the lake is about 30 meters wide, the location of the accident is only about 10 meters away from the shore. Uncle recalled: at that time there was a man and a woman after the jump to save people, but saved up, people have been in a coma." According to the local villagers to provide swimming routes, the initial estimate of the deceased in the lake about 800 meters in the middle of the river. The scene of the incident investigation: for the waters of the incident on the vessels were investigated as to bend the swimmer to be struck, many villagers have said can make nothing of it. A cruise ship driver Xu master revealed that the waters of the incident is the only way to temporarily stop the pier out of the lake, a lot of ships. Cover news reporter saw the incident near the water is a curve. "Yacht speed is very fast, coupled with the stir of the waves, it is difficult to see the situation ahead of the turn, especially people floating on the water area is also very small." A speed boat driver said. According to another villager revealed that the road near the shallows more, about one meter deep water, every summer evening, there are many people in this swimming. In the stone bridge at the corner of the site ten meters away from the trees, this is one of the first choice for many swimmers into the water. On Saturday, the day of the incident, and the temperature rose to 30 degrees, the water swimming people has increased. According to the relevant departments of Jianyang, has been on the vessel and personnel investigation. The dead man: from unfortunate death likes swimming boat hit 11 in the afternoon, Ziyang City, Yanjiang district government issued briefing, cao.相关的主题文章:

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