Good autumn, should go to the Golden Buddha – tourism Sohu 下北glory days

Good autumn, should go to the Golden Buddha – Sohu tourism here is the hometown of Aung San Suu Kyi, here everything is golden yellow. Now take you to Burma you don’t know. Here is the mother river of Burma to the Irrawaddy River mouth often up to CHUANGDA Beach: in the intersection of the Andaman Sea and the bay of Bengal, here is the original ecology of the bay of Bengal on a trip to the beach of autumn, Golden Buddha Irrawaddy River from the North Road to absorb rivers after reaching straight to the south, north of Yangon city is divided into several channels into the sea. From the upstream brought a lot of rich alluvial soil, the Irrawaddy Delta Indochina Peninsula next to the Mekong Delta?? the Andaman Sea and the bay of Bengal is here. In the River Delta area with heavy traffic, the Empire of Yangon, with heavy legs with the decline of the old colonial buildings, stubbornly into the modern world edge; Delta hinterland of India immigrants, with workshop parasol powder brush with a riot of colours in the intersection of old Delhi; two of the ocean the end, Delta’s with the oldest Buddhist ceremony to celebrate the rainy season. Micro-blog: Daweidufu DE Wu Zhiwei, WeChat public account: wuzhiwei5david; personal WeChat: david3484080相关的主题文章:

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