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Follow Hawaii into the underwater world of Atlantis – God gift to Hawaii tourism Sohu incomparable sunshine, air, sea, beach and volcano rock, this is a picture of heaven like tropical island scenery known to the world. Obama, the current president of the United States, was so confused that he took his family on vacation every year. Because of the president’s holiday spending by the reception of the local government, over time the state of Hawaii is extremely dissatisfied with, why do you have to pay me every year on vacation? It’s the turn of the wheel So many American resort you can’t struggle with me in Hawaii for a place but the vigor made! Indeed, the presidents are not like Obama, "Lai" on a place every year to come, although they each have their own game, like Kennedy Rhodes Island, Roosevelt island and Key West, Eisenhower love to his grandson named camp David. But which president did not like Obama so persistent every year to a place to vacation, we can see that the natural scenery of Hawaii not only by the favor of God, but also by the current president of the u.s.. In addition to the unique natural scenery, Hawaii, there is a human landscape has been touted by tourists, it is Atlantis submarine. The United States of Hawaii and Guam have only the Atlantis submarine, whether the number of ride or dive depth is not much difference between. They say the submarine was worth $12 million, my first reaction is every first of its length little more than 18 m, width of 4 meters, a little stronger than the Beijing bus, weight is about 60 tons, is also not so luxurious luxury yacht. After the introduction of the price is not based on Jin said out, this unprepossessing guy is real in the high-tech products, it is not known as conventional power, but powered by battery, guaranteed not to navigation process release of any hazardous substance to water or air. This piece of Hawaii resort of the United States is richly endowed by nature focus on long-term development of it, in Hawaii within 80 nautical miles is not fishing, so Hawaii is not fishing, somewhat similar to the Greek tourist island of Santorini, where to eat seafood is fresh, don’t want to eat fresh seafood. Therefore, on the island of Hawaii are all seafood shipped, so eating lobster in Hawaii than in Bar Harbor, the famous Maine expensive. Remember to dock in Bar Harbor restaurant, I sat in the restaurant into the Bay Bridge, seeing a boat with a fresh lobster in Boston under my table shore directly ashore. Boston lobster, a lot of people think Boston is the best, the best Boston lobster is in Maine, Bar Harbor, I point to the more expensive lazy lobster at that time, a $45! This price can be more expensive in many mines wins East Beach than Losangeles seafood, who made Bar Harbor famous Boston lobster! Even so, Bar Harbor is now a fishing seafood and seafood in Hawaii is still cheaper in comparison. Hawaii state government legislation: not only do not use motor boats相关的主题文章:

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