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Oculus little hedgehog Henry won the Emmy Award for the VR film – Sohu technology virtual reality technology has not really entered the field of popular art, and now there is a message may accelerate the process. Oculus recently announced that the sixty-eighth annual Emmy Awards (EMMY AWARDS), produced by Oculus Story Studio VR movie "Henry" won an Emmy Award for outstanding original interactive program (Outstanding Original Interactive Program). "Henry" style with traditional Pixar Animation almost, the plot will be sad to warm. The story is about a lonely little hedgehog Henry birthday party story in the video, you can see it over in the house, but also try to make friends with other animal. Youku Video users who have used Oculus Rift should not be unfamiliar with this VR video, the short film produced by the Oculus Story studio, is their production of second short films. The Oculus Story studio is Oculus’s dedicated development of interactive video division. If you have Oculus Rift this helmet device, you can always download and watch on Oculus Store, this is a completely free video project. Some mainstream analysts believe that this award is also to the virtual reality technology is a kind of recognition — in this emerging media platform, the audience is more likely to be brought into the natural atmosphere of the scene and emotions, stimulate the audience’s empathy; but the new technology for the director of narration and expression also presents new challenges. This should be a virtual reality technology to promote a node on the road in the video media, because this is also the side that the mainstream art companies, practitioners began to pay attention to how to integrate virtual reality into the theme of creation. In the virtual reality media platform, you can also get different from the traditional media experience. Figure illustrations from: Oculus相关的主题文章:

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