Sri Lanka self-help guide – Sohu travel jcuv是什么车

Sri Lanka Trip Guide – 1 tourist visa although Sri Lanka Sohu can do visa on the official website, but in the process to fill a single encounter from the final payment in a variety of flow, the reason is the official website quoted Google developed a captcha system, repeated impossible, the final bear chose to give up, and find the agent visa. The procedure is very simple, fill in a form, pay more than 200 yuan, a few days to do a good job. 2 Traffic (Shanghai – Colombo) Eastern Airlines and Sri Lankan airlines have flights to Shanghai flights to Colombo, about seven hours of flight time. Transit options are very much. Put the choice of Malaysia Airlines, not what other reason is because the transit time is reasonable, price less than direct flights. The probability of a year off two planes this kind of thing, really have no time to worry about the bear. Malaysia Airlines Service is good (better). This time because the departure from Pudong three hours late without docking the next voyage. Malaysia airlines directly changed the earliest flight of second days, and the ground crew will help passengers in transit do wrong machine after the signing, the car received a rest garden like Villa Hotel, and arrange a dinner and breakfast. 3 intercity traffic Sri Lanka’s overall traffic situation is good. 1 Train: as a small island, the train has become a more convenient form of travel in Sri lanka. Even if the speed is very slow, markree pavilion from the west to the east of Colombo beach is just a night train. However, the train here with China N years ago, the general is not a seat reservation, in addition to a part of the first class of the train can be booked in advance. And take the experience can be directly put people back to the China century on 80s — old car shaking violently, and the scenery is slowly receded, like a hard dancing the samba woman is not in a hurry to move fast. If not the tourist season, put recommended an hour early to go to the train station to buy cheap cabin. However, in order to prevent accidents in the season did not vote, you can go ahead to buy a first class ticket. The first class ticket is usually done in a single room with air conditioning. The price is much more expensive than the two class, but it is not expensive at all. 2 bus: with flying bear has just been to Turkey, Sri Lanka’s bus is not recommended. In addition to the Turkey bus like Chinese high-speed bus general staff reservation with air conditioning, and seat back TV and a continuous supply of drinks and snacks! While sitting in Sri Lanka bus can let you experience the history of reincarnation feeling, like thirty years ago Chinese set foot on the bus: no air conditioning without reservation does not say, but also go with overload. 4) chartered chartered may be the most convenient form of lazy travel. Of course, the price is relatively expensive. The bear Colombo booked a tour Charter on the Internet, without waiting for public transit time, find a way less trouble, more easily in a short period of time to run a lot of scenic spots. And here’s the Division相关的主题文章:

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