Phoenix beauty analyst Yellen interview or lack of assertive hawks effect helmet怎么读

Phoenix beauty analyst: Yellen interview or lack of independent effects of hawkish Fed chairman Janet · Yellen (in North Phoenix Financial News reporter Zhu Yi) Federal Reserve Chairman Janet · Yellen; the United States on Friday (August 26th) the important speech soon. From the United States Securities Depository Clearing Corp (DTCC) analyst for the Phoenix Financial reporter said, the industry generally believe that Yellen and the former chairman of the Federal Reserve is relatively not assertive, not very strong, the performance is one of the other members of the FOMC effect easily. Yellen influenced by others swing from the end of last year to early this year, the federal reserve system executive board (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Lael Brainard) members persuaded Yellen to maintain loose monetary policy, although Stanley Fischer FOMC is also trying to encourage hawkish members of her." DTCC senior investment analyst Shawn Wang Phoenix Financial reporter for example. Brianard and Fishcer are members of the Federal Reserve FOMC, have the right to vote. Brainard is a member of FOMC’s senior dove. She once said Chinese a slowdown in economic growth in a panel to the end of February this year, the Fed held discussions, may pose a risk to the US economic outlook. Although the U.S. unemployment rate fell below 5%, but the labor market is still a certain amount of idle. The current labor market and inflation deviate from the labor market is relatively strong, weak inflation, which may be related to the benchmark interest rate is extremely low. "From the beginning of April this year, until the British exit, the Hawks gradually prevailed, successful let Yellen repeatedly signaled an increase in July is entirely possible. The British off the European influence gradually subsided, the Hawks again return, many people believe that the industry will tend to Stanley Fischer by Jackson Holzer Yellen the chance of meeting, more hawkish signals." Wang of the Phoenix Financial reporter added that Yellen’s idea was affected to some extent by the Fed factions. U.S. time on August 21st, fed vice chairman Fischer in a public speech on the recent U.S. economic outlook was more optimistic that the Fed is close to full employment and 2% of the inflation target. Observers believe that Fischer hinted that the Fed is considering raising interest rates this year. DTCC senior investment analyst Shawn Wang Williams Yellen speech speech preheat San Francisco Fed President Williams the United States on August 15th has been through the publication said, Fed officials and the government should consider raising the Fed’s current 2% inflation target or to some form of domestic nominal GDP (GDP) target to replace the current inflation target. He said that these two initiatives will provide the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates more space to deal with the economic downturn, but have to pay the price. Williams also called for changes in fiscal policy, tax rates or government spending can be linked to the unemployment rate. He said that this can be expected during the recession and recovery相关的主题文章:

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