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Beijing – VIDEO – eight years after the Nanjing saints baoensi relic "home" eight years after the Nanjing saints baoensi relic "home" [comment] in a magical place in ancient Changgan Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park, once buried bury Buddha’s relics, relics, relics and induction Xuan Zang saints relic millennium, karma excellent, high status of buddhism. In September 28th, the Buddhist community and a holy relic — all saints officially welcome and to Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park, and induction relic which is common Fukuzawa world, all saints’ relics unearthed in 2008 for the first time after following the "home". [comment] in the morning, jointly organized by the Nanjing Public Complaints Bureau, Nanjing City Buddhist Association, Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park and built at the beginning of the temple worship ceremony to greet all saints’ relics, held in Nanjing Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park, 200 monks and believers and the community of nearly 500 people attended the worship ceremony. [scene] sound (greet all saints’ relics site) [comment] in the mage, lay under the escort of saints, the relics were welcome to Palace of the Earth in the Thanksgiving tower relic site, fine public praise praise, Ming Qing, the presence of mage, Buddhist, ceremony and guests together with sincere heart feel this solemn a special time. The same period [] (vice president of the Buddhist Association of Jiangsu province in the early) today, we should from the Buddhist point of view, is a very auspicious day, because we all know this holy relic, originally bury hidden in a large Thanksgiving tower below is the original long stem inside the tower of Palace of the Earth, has been 1000 years of history since the millennium, it left the light unearthed, Palace of the Earth, this time the karma party, this time once again to all saints’ relics baoensi, returned to the Palace of the Earth Thanksgiving tower to worship, so we called "the home". [comment] All Saints’ relics refers to the monks of the relic, in general, the later monks are buried relics enshrined in other Palace of the Earth Buddha relics near in the same room form is very rare. The same period [] (vice president of the Buddhist Association of Jiangsu Province in the beginning) all saints, this "several holy" argument, enlightenment monk is a saint, a lot of our Bodhisattva, arhat is our Buddhist saint, so the "saints" is a relic of the Buddhist relics, there are also some Bodhisattva, arhat these saints the relic. [comment] it is reported that in 2016 during the national day, Chinese and foreign tourists and people will be close to the holy relic — all saints. Reporter Ge Yong Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章:

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