You Xiaogang a fan of the economy will adjust the high paycheck and fresh meat 申威1600

You Xiaogang: fans economy and meat will adjust paid Sina entertainment news on August 25th, "where to play 2016" industry forum, held during the fourteenth session of the China International Film and TV show, the forum "in the new and old media shift in the market environment, business operation should decide on what path to follow?" As theme. About IP thermal director You Xiaogang [micro-blog] that the industry is currently the original level in the fall, the high paycheck fans economy and "small meat actor, he believes the industry in the future will be adjusted, and director of Zhejiang satellite TV editor Tao Yan believes that IP should be in good things for us, CI Wen Media Group Chairman Ma Zhongjun stressed that content is King et al. At the forum, host Li Xingwen spoke first, he believes that the current TV market suffered a "Rainbow Night": one is the electric fair market cold side is high, some fine drama; while the high price of the actor production structure is not reasonable, one side is the capital inflows and large IP "fire" one side is the sharp decline in advertising; TV drama platform purchase pressure increased sharply, while the video website test payment mode results. The industry is facing many problems, the content provider, the core of the most critical issue is undoubtedly the platform and channels. In the face of IP hot now, just try the network self-made drama "Qianlong secret history" of the Chinese TV drama production industry association chairman, director You Xiaogang pointed out that the current decline in the level of the original industry. His advice to practitioners is: the industry director, producer, screenwriter to keep a clear head, can not exist to make a vote short-sighted thinking. Talk about high paycheck fans economy and "small meat actor, he believes the industry in the future will be adjusted. Director of Zhejiang TV editor Tao Yan IP talked about the bad situation now, "now seemed to feel the moment the IP killed unnecessarily, actually went to see, a lot of big IP, there are still good stuff, or can we use some things may now really is not too much time and to take these things to settle down, with us." In addition, Chee Wen Media Group Chairman Ma Zhongjun, President of Su Xiao lemon adorable pictures of TV industry in the ratings on gambling and ratings about their views on pollution. They believe that the content industry must resist unhealthy atmosphere, adhere to the content is king, in order to make the industry into a healthy, healthy development path. "Let’s get married" director Liu Jiang [micro-blog] are also feeling the false ratings and network data fraud and remuneration actor rapid growth, "the end of 2013, I remember it as if it is the top price of thirty million actors have reached an end, to 2014 has reached fifty million, has reached over one hundred million, the rose is iron and steel more rapid." (Ye Ziwen)相关的主题文章:

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