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After the termination of the contract the seller 15 days within the whole original title in Changsha buy: buy the termination of the contract, the seller within 15 days a Changsha city commercial housing contract comments: there are more than ten changes, can email or letter comments Sanxiang October 28th hearing "without the written consent of the buyer, the seller and the sales personnel and related personnel shall not disclose the buyer information." Recently, Changsha city housing and urban and Rural Construction Committee released "Changsha city commercial housing sales contracts" (model text) draft, solicit the public opinions, and add the buyer information protection clause. Changsha Municipal Construction Committee official said that the introduction of the draft, in order to further strengthen the management of the real estate market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the development of enterprises and buyers. Compared with the old version of the contract, the new contract model text of about a dozen new changes. The most obvious is that the old version of the terms of the purchase contract in Changsha is 25, the new version of the text of the contract terms of 26. It is understood that the new version of the contract, improve the housing conditions of delivery, improve the delivery conditions of commercial housing facilities and equipment, the relevant agreement increased the purchase of commercial housing have the right to examine, at the same time the buyer not only have the right to terminate the contract, and the Seller shall refund the buyer paid 1629 15 days from the date of service of the notice of contract termination. At the same time, the contract also increased the rights of the owners of the common part, clear ownership of residential parking spaces, garage, clubs and other ancillary facilities, etc.. The new version of the contract, if you have any comments in November 25th of this year, sent by e-mail to: 357118665@qq or a letter sent to the views of Mawangdui Furong district Changsha City Road No. 248 Changsha city housing property registration center of management regulations, and on the envelope marked "" Changsha city commercial housing sales contracts "(model text). The comment". (LAN Bu Sanxiang reporter Intern Luo Zifei)相关的主题文章:

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