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Relatives how to talk about money is not hurt? You only need to remember these two [Abstract] is not the only child, their family, brothers and sisters how to talk about money, can not hurt feelings? This topic, I still have the right to speak, I am not the only child, and his brother married, have entered the 30+ mark, are very mature people. Brothers and sisters how to talk about money, can not hurt feelings? 1) their money this truth, and humble misery, no money, many things can not be resolved, because life is hard, the heart is easy to become narrow, this time, there is no way to have a normal attitude and brothers and sisters to talk about money. This is to look at their own situation and efforts. Fortunately, two of us have a good development, in the city has to buy a car, and a fairly good income. This time, we have to talk about money, have a basic attitude. If it is not their money, there are two kinds of situations: one is the general development, so the boss at home to pay more, this example is my father, there are 6 siblings, the development of almost all, is not how, as his brother, have to be extra, but fortunately, my mother is the boss, is quite capable of understanding as the oldest difficulty, when can a broad-minded sister-in-law. The other is good and bad, this example is my parents, my father is the boss at home, but they are quite hard to be competent, several brothers and sisters development one of the best trained, the husband also good, and then married my wife do, not what economic menace from the rear. Over the years, has been helping some development is not good brother and sister, my mother-in-law can earn a high EQ, so they have the clout to give. So, the other half of the support and understanding is very important so the change is for the younger generation of us, if not, or a rainy day, how to do? If you are frustrated that his brothers and sisters, a little more effort, understand that this is two different families, your brothers and sisters have no obligation to help you if you are not his brothers and sisters, so do their part, would like to pay more, learn from and refuse to try, "if you are a man to fish with many children’s parents, such as the US, then, make their own efforts, good education, in character, knowledge, let the children when a" integrity, honesty, this problem has the ability ", and can avoid a great degree of 2) and if the time to talk about money money, how to talk better? Only one answer, and talk about money, between brothers and sisters and friends talk about money, money, no difference, but the attitude to each other more we are two, daughter-in-law in charge of money, so the money, and I have been talking about her. There are several talk about money, money, 1, pose, IOU offer to buy the first suite. That year, notch 400 thousand, call sister-in-law asked there, sister-in-law said yes, quickly signed a contract to buy a house. So we bought a house, signed the contract the next day, wrote相关的主题文章:

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