The camp of high-speed traffic in 2018 in Dazhou by car to Chengdu only 3.5 hours 霍金hawking

The camp of high-speed traffic in 2018 Dazhou just 3.5 hours drive to Chengdu recently, the battalion of freeway construction mobilization will be held. Chengdu Huachuan Highway Construction Group Limited company chairman, President Xie Yingwen and the group leader, the battalion of company executives and other responsible persons attended the meeting, announced that the battalion of freeway officially started construction, and strive to achieve the main line opened at the end of 2018. The same day, according to the operating speed the overall project schedule, deputy general manager of the company Zhao Xuechun camp conducted a briefing on the progress of the preparatory work for the project, and given the value of the target before the Spring Festival and the image of progress to each section. Then each section is responsible for the construction to prepare reports on the situation, and that will sprint, one hundred percent completed construction. Prior to this, President Xie Yingwen went to the three Control Engineering Battalion of Dazhou section of high-speed interchange, river, stone bridge, Tieshan tunnel project resident, the mixing station and the construction site for inspection. On the project line, the project management personnel, construction organization plan, such as the preparation of a detailed understanding of the situation, and for the first time clearly pointed out the problems, do the work of the deployment. After listening to the report after the situation, Xie Yi Ming solemnly declared: camp high speed across the board officially started, and strive to achieve the opening of the main line by the end of 2018! According to the actual situation of the project time and heavy task, an important part of Xie Yingwen on various engineering construction management made a comprehensive deployment, with particular emphasis on the construction organization, quality control, safety management, informatization construction, clean government and the building of enterprise culture. It is understood that the camp was high in Sichuan province is the focus of the project, the main line length of 92.167 kilometers, from Yingshan County town of stone town, Sichuan Dazhou City District ended. After the completion of the project, will form a new East, north to facilitate the passage of Sichuan, Dazhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other counties to better integrate into the economic circle, is of great significance. By then, will shorten the Dazhou to Chengdu highway mileage of about 110 km, from Dazhou to drive to only need to be 3.5 hours.相关的主题文章:

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