Psychology of love and marriage 4 strokes into a halo halo of the goblins (Figure) 下北glory days

Love and marriage Psychology: 4 strokes into a dizzy halo man’s goblins (Figure), the trick into the halo of the man who will be a woman to make money, many women will live, not much more than 4. Can be more attractive, more and more taste less. If a woman does not want to be only in the middle age was the end of the outcome, to become the old age of yesterday, it must be carefully planned to form a blueprint for their own lives. Fate from your pattern, the pattern requires four foundations, with the following four foundations, you can become more and more flavor, in order to lay the foundation for a happy life. First, the taste of beauty and charm for women, beauty and charm, that is the source of their self-confidence. How to grow with the years, will not become old, boring, but the charm of the continuous increase in the continuous upgrading of beauty, from inside to outside to continue. Taste from women consciously cultivate character. This character contains about love, cherish, know yourself, also know how to respect other people, especially the heart and tolerance. Two, taste from the accumulation of wealth, which is the focus of career choice, but also a guarantee of life. Women should have their own career, inner confidence will increase. Three, taste from knowledgeable women, will continue to increase the beauty, but also increase self-confidence, but also understand the art of love. What is a big vocabulary, a woman’s mind and cover and contain everything, pattern, largely relating to. A woman who has no knowledge, and is hard to be sure to be more and more attractive. Four, women should know how to taste from the emotional exchanges all have their own friends, mentors, coaches, but also have their own little sisters, but also have their own brother, but also have their own funding or support of the people. Only in this way can we form a cycle of emotion, so that life can always have a moving content. The four is alternate, continuous learning progress will make your mind to accommodate the world pattern. Women want to stand in this society, in addition to the intrinsic root, but also the external three boxes. The first box: box to talk about money very vulgar, but no money is can’t do anything. A financially independent woman can talk about personality independence, only the personality of the independent woman has love dignity. Do not wait for someone else to choose you at home, to make their own living value, and so out of the fate of the spell is the life. Second boxes of books: a walk is the most beautiful woman in wisdom and confidence. Sanmao said: "reading more, changing the face of nature, most of the time, he might have seen that many books have no memory, as trassient as a fleeting cloud, in fact it is still a potential temperament, conversation, in the mind of the infinite, of course, may also appear in the life and letters." The temperament of a woman needs to precipitate life experience and knowledge. The third case: the woman must be responsible for the appearance of her face. Today’s society is the eye of the economic era, even if you have more internal, if the first glance did not give a good impression on the other side, you may miss the opportunity to learn more about you. But not only learning dressed woman is beautiful, let a person feel no idiot ".相关的主题文章:

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