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Chong Wa Dae: Pu Jinhui Han future Listening Beijing November Beijing – in 29, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean presidential spokesman Zheng Ranguo Chong Wa Dae said 29 members of the pro Pak faction of the Senate President will put forward suggestions, the president is listen to all opinions. According to reports, Xu Qingyuan and other senior members of Pro Pak school recently held closed door luncheon, agreed that "compared with the finished term, President Emeritus in the country to the people is a good thing, and to the office of the president to convey this consensus. It is reported that Pu Jinhui believes that shortening the terms of office and stepping down the spirit of unconstitutional. Asked if the president should vote in Congress impeachment resolution before the fate of statement, Zheng Ranguo replied to this decision by the president, he No comment. South Korea’s ruling party camp more than 28 stakeholders said that the ruling new national party "very simple" caucus meeting held on the same day, agreed to advise the President Park Geun hye dedicated to complete the term of office is not, but for the sake of their own countries and take the initiative to step down in order to protect the reputation. Pu Jinhui, who was on the 4 day of the National People’s Congress announced that, if necessary, to be honest to the prosecution and the independent prosecutor’s investigation, but since then has been on the investigation of the time and way to delay prosecution. Prosecutors initially told Pu Jinhui in 15 to 16 days after the date of the survey, was delayed to 18 days, has not yet been response. After the prosecution in 20 days for Pu Jinhui "bestie" Cui Shunshi and other 3 suspects for prosecution in the indictment, the defendant and the president pointed out that the conspiracy crime, and announced that park Geun hye is on file the identity of the suspect. Since then, park Geun hye announced not to accept the investigation, and will only accept the political neutrality of the independent counsel investigation group. November 29th is given to investigate the prosecution deadline, but through the park 28 defense lawyers said, unable to accept the position of face to face investigation. The prosecution authorities had told the media that the independent prosecutor candidates finalized soon, after 29 days of "time", the prosecution is difficult to survey park.相关的主题文章:

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