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"Where you are" exposed "murderous four volts" version of the poster by Song Jia Ka Tung Lam, Tencent entertainment news, Yan Ling Zhuo starred in the summer of that year, Hu Ge starred in the movie "friendship crime suspense that summer where you go" scheduled December 9th National release, after the exposure of the poster and trailer are full of suspense, tempt the appetite of the audience. The day before, the film is "murderous four volts" version of the poster exposure, hand drawing will be the complex relationship between roles in the wrong vividly, suspense atmosphere contrast. The poster of Hu Ge does not leave a hand weapon, its behind the identity also will be exposed. Song Jia’s full line of vivid interpretation of the "bad" sister delicate and touching film, Song Jia plays a psychiatrist, help children recover heart wounds, unexpected home quiet life is missing her sister break, there is one family one after another accident occurred. Song Jia admitted that this role has been in a state of depression, there is little intense expression, but she is the home to withstand the most pressure, or the most painful people." It will be a great challenge for Song Jia to show the inner world of the character itself, through a state of calm, such as water. Song Jia is the name of the movie circle "school experience", she describes himself as "don’t play with a knife out of pain", has been just want to use different kinds of roles in "armed", in the comments of suspense crime film "that summer", in addition to the complex inner drama, more fierce fighting let Song Jia play with more different performance opportunities, prior to the interview, she said, "just received the script, the story gave me a lot of imagination, sister role there will be many performance space, shooting down, to tell the truth I feel the intense fight scenes than I imagined or less." Hu Ge’s breakthrough role after the exposure of the most handsome villain There was no parallel in history. material, Hu Ge villain identity attracted the audience look forward to, more fans after watching the trailer, shouted "so handsome the kidnappers, who want to escape!" The poster, Hu Ge with an axe in his hand, stood in the solemn expression of Song Jia and Yan Zhuoling sit behind the "behind" identity. But Hu Ge’s role is far from the surface looks so simple, according to the director said, a series of criminal cases of the film inspired by the United States in 2014. In these cases, the kidnapped girl years unaccounted for, they have not been murdered killed, but chose to live together with the kidnappers. Hu Ge’s kidnappers what deep emotional fetters and victims, the audience may have to wait for the film to an inquiry unexpectedly. Hu Ge for the role of choice has been adhering to his own "harsh" principle, "hawks over the age of forty, will experience a particularly painful process, it will put the paws on the old skin off, your mouth will knock off, grow new beak and claws. In this way, its life can continue, twenty to thirty years." Hu Ge once described his experience. Adhere to break through their own, this is his respect for each role, but also respect for the identity of the actor. He said the film "is he played the worst role", in such a complex emotional villain return to the big screen, the audience.相关的主题文章:

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