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First lady " " Natalie; Portman: acting for actress Natalie Portman Sina entertainment news in a cafe near the Toronto Film Festival in the home court hall, we met Natalie Portman, despite the obvious pregnant belly, she is still in front of a small thin beauty. Because there is no image because of the simple, Natalie wore a white shirt and jeans, big talk, perched on the arm of the sofa, but looks twenty years old. Actually, we’ve been watching her for twenty-two years on the screen. Life is about to usher in the second children, has also been identified with the "first lady" into the North American awards season award, the film tells the story of former U.S. President John Kennedy was assassinated, Natalie’s first lady Jacqueline to keep calm wisdom, dynamic political rival deal with the story of 4. The film has a good reputation in Venice, Toronto Film Festival, many foreign media published the article said, "first lady" Natalie Portman will bring second Oscar prize winner. "I’m making a movie to resonate with the audience, not to win the prize." Natalie said in an exclusive interview with sina entertainment. In order to show her to all the audience can get Jacqueline’s documents, audio and video are learned by heart, and also had experienced that era and deep talk, to help you understand the play the most difficult. "Everyone knows her, and if you want them to accept your interpretation, you need a lot of convincing detail to support it." In the conversation, Natalie explains why the front 3 "not in" Thor, said third new story line, their role is not in them, she also touched the pregnant belly says "private things to deal with, and denied rumors of a rift with marvel. It is understood that the first lady will be released in North America in November, the mainland is expected to introduce. Behind Natalie Portman performing: from accent to psychology "as first lady" drawn from the former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s real experience, to show her husband from John after the assassination of President Kennedy to the four night of the funeral. Before Natalie, there were at least five versions of the. Natalie’s version, on the one hand, to show the first lady in the public context, on the other hand to show the private Jacqueline, such performance needs, there is a natural difficulty. Everyone knows Jacqueline, have their own views on her, there are a lot of people know me, I have an established view, how to connect me with her, is the biggest difficulty I see." "If you want them to accept your interpretation, you need a lot of convincing details to support it." In order to solve the problem of the first level, Natalie uses the reduction approach, she almost put the documents, audio and video can get all of it, including her way of speaking, when speaking of the accent, rhythm etc.. But since the first lady’s public information is almost always in public, there are different opinions about what she is in private相关的主题文章:

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