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A live version of "beauty and the beast" and the animated version of the perfect contrast reduction [Abstract] outside the live version of "beauty and the beast" trailer and 1991 animation compared to classic scene almost perfect. "Beauty and the beast" trailer and animated version compared with the classic scene perfect according to the time of November 18th reported recently, Disney’s real fairy tale film "beauty and the beast" trailer exposure, and set off a boom in the watch on the Internet, 24 hour record hits to reach 128 million (excluding Chinese area). The fans are also pleasantly surprised to find that the trailer in the picture and scenes and almost perfect reduction in 1991 animation. "Beauty and the beast" live version stills so MoviePilot website specially made a video, the trailer and animated version of the corresponding picture carries out comparison, the effect is excellent, many classic scenes have reduced. The beast caught Baer into the castle, and destroyed the portrait of Gaston, boasting the most romantic candle clock bickering and dance, not a fall. Of course, it was said that from the perspective of the trailer, it seems that the live version of the film is like the animated version of the copy, the lack of some original. With the exposure of more materials, as well as the release of the film in March 17th next year, these questions can be answered.相关的主题文章:

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