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Rong Huan film "Hainan 100 film project" project started in Beijing November 23rd afternoon, Rong Huan Television Group "Hainan hundred film project" project launch ceremony was held in Haikou College of Economics. It is understood that the "Hainan hundred movie project" by film producer Lin Lin Huan Rong Group chairman for two years to plan, to get the attention of the Central Propaganda Department and the provincial Party committee propaganda department. The event organized by Rong Hwan television group, Tianya, Haikou College of Economics, Kunlun Sports Culture Co. And the Hainan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Hainan Province Cultural Radio and Television Publishing sports hall, Haikou cultural industrial park. Attend the leaders and guests of this event are: Hainan Province Cultural Radio and Television Publishing sports hall director Ding Hui, Haikou City, Longhua Haikou Cultural Industry Park District standing committee, deputy head of the preparatory group Wang Lei Committee, President of Tianya community office director Zhu Zhi, chairman of Haikou College of Economics Party committee secretary Cao Chengjie, Dean of Haikou College of Economics, Chen Xiao, executive dean of Haikou College of Economics Cao Yeke Zhao Tongrui, vice president of Haikou College of Economics Hainan, Kunlun sports culture Limited by Share Ltd deputy general CI ning. The movie "Hainan 100 project" composed of tourism culture, myth, inspirational success and the South China Sea police, Hainan past ten series. From the point of view of Hainan’s culture, history, scenery and other points, full of Hainan international tourism island rich tropical natural resources, unique historical and cultural traditions and rich cultural customs; comprehensive presentation of Hainan in recent years development, industry characteristics and the vigorous development of Hui Xiangying and contemporary cultural charm. In September this year, the Hainan provincial government, Haikou municipal government vigorously promote the great background of the cultural industry, Rong Hwan Television Group successfully completed the registration and set up procedures in the industrial park. It is reported that by Rong Hwan meticulous planning and preparations for the group of movie theaters, "" strange "mathematical way", "Adorable bandit? Eighteen degrees north love story", "tiger", "Nemesis" cat, "is love" and several works will also be launched in December, especially the happy twist is the popular actor Alan and Wang Zhi starred in the movie "mathematical" blame this month on the 26 opening ceremony. Next, with the film "Huan Rong’s first global Chinese Forum Tianya" and Haikou College of Economics’s Kunlun Sports Development Co. Ltd. and other institutions joined forces, in film investment, production, promotion and film industry personnel training and other aspects of in-depth cooperation. Strive to promote the development of the film and television industry in Hainan at the same time, to promote the vigorous development of culture, tourism, sports and other industries, to inject new vitality into the construction of Hainan international tourism island.相关的主题文章:

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