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Zhang Hanyu talks about "the Mekong River action": sorry dogs play was the new network transport remains delete – from right to left: Zhang Hanyu, Lin Chaoxian, Eddie Peng, Zhang Xi photo Beijing, October 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) according to the data released by the 23 piece, 18, gangster action movie "action" has harvested the Mekong River 1 billion 73 million at the box office, becoming the 2016 winner of the national archives. The same day, the celebration will be held in Beijing, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, director Lin Chaoxian, starring Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong, Liu Xianda, Li attended the China war, in addition to thank the fans for the first time, the movie secret deletion. Director Lin Chaoxian said the filming of the movie first encountered a lot of difficulties, he once wanted to give up. Although the film has won a high box office and word of mouth, but he still feel that is not perfect, see a lot of friends to give some suggestions for my future film creation is also very helpful, thank you for your attention!" Thanks to the audience, the celebration scene once again exposed the deletion of fans back to. This deletion is playing Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng as the Party of high rigidity were disguised as loose money Xinwu, boss and assistant small odd in a day, pretending to be negotiating with the enemy before the enemy was on drama. In addition, Zhang Hanyu also said at the scene, he had a ladder in the plane transporting dog days of asthma remains of the play, "very sorry, if not that clip is another tear film". Director Lin Chaoxian said, considering that the length limit, reluctantly part of the many highlights, hope these can be reduced to the future sale of the DVD version. Creative photo Zhang Xi photo brought the film side recently released the "egg" at the end, Eddie Peng’s Fang Xinwu is still alive, then asked if this represents a sequel? Lin Chaoxian responded: "eggs ending, in the hope that Fang Xinwu can continue to live with the unknown hero’s identity, this is my personal wish." Eddie Peng joked: "the sequel is definitely not me, I have sacrificed." One side of Zhang Hanyu also jokingly concluded: "we are now open ending, if there is a sequel to the first shot to be Eddie Peng from the Mekong River to climb, although less than an arm and a leg, but still working at the front waist." It is worth mentioning that today the celebration, Bona Film Group Chairman Yu Dong said, will come up with 13 family members of a sum of money to the 10.5 Mekong major as a pension, said deep memory. (end)相关的主题文章:

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