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Hongkong Wah Taiwan was "disgrace propaganda: Taiwanese independence", the original title: Hongkong Senator Liang Songheng, you Huizhen disgrace China Taiwan Hong Kong Independence speech speech spread [observer network] October 22nd, earlier oath was refers to shame China "Youth New Deal", Liang Songheng Huizhen tour was invited to National Taiwan University to attend a forum meeting, lecture Songheng spread beam Hong Kong Independence speech, talk about the so-called "indigenous self-determination". Liang Songheng speech, claiming that when he was sworn in Hongkong is not China slogan is purely a fact". The lecture Songheng beam also bluntly, China need to Taiwan, but whether or not you need Taiwanese?" This is the Taiwan people need to think about the problem. From left to right: "Youth New Deal" Liang Songheng, tour Huizhen, "local Democratic Front" according to the spokesman Huang Yang Hongkong "South China Morning Post" reported that 22, two protagonists Liang Songheng and Huizhen Hongkong tour members sworn shame China storm, together with Hongkong’s "local Democratic Front" spokesman Huang Yang, in Taiwan National Taiwan University, published an article entitled "the international metropolis of Hongkong’s local sports" speech. Liang You two people have shown in the lecture, the pursuit of the people of Hong Kong, the determination of the same position, the Legislative Council has been handed over to the lawyer to resolve disputes. For the "Taiwan Land Commission Vice Chairman and spokesman for Qiu Chuizheng, said the high-profile, will pay close attention to the beam, swim two people will be canceled eligible members, beam Songheng said, thank the government of Taiwan," Chinese (mainland) to Hongkong in the past. When the transaction did not see, what the government said, the government of Hongkong or have a good criterion." Liang Songheng also mentioned that his swearing in with "Hongkong not Chinese" slogan is "facts", it was Beijing’s criticism, then called "Detroit, do you (Beijing) business". He dismissed "the sewage needs of Hongkong this place, but it does not require the same" Hongkong people ", I believe that the needs of Taiwan, but it does need to Taiwan? We need to think about the problem". You are Huizhen analysis in Taiwan than in Hongkong a good place, "said the Hongkong people will persuade young people not to fight, but this is not Taiwanese, Taiwan than Hongkong area of progress." You Huizhen said, if give up local self-determination aspirations insisted, "it is hard to imagine Hongkong after a few years will become what". In a speech, "New Youth" and "local Democratic Front" in a flagrant way that support the position of "Taiwan independence". According to the Liberty Times reported that Huang Yang said in his speech, Taiwan has been more than and 10 days, deeply feel that Taiwan is a "independent state", but the lack of support from other countries, Taiwan because people think they have freedom and democracy, the mentality of excessive sung, but the mainland is a "aggressive country", Taiwan should be more social alert. According to reports, Singapore United Morning Post, Liang Songheng asked whether this trip was worried before the question is with the "Taiwan independence" elements, further influence the Legislative Council Oath, he said: "we respect the people of different political positions, this respect should not affect our oath, and the oath is the internal affairs of Hongkong." Subsequently, the NPC Standing Committee Van Sherite said that the program in Taiwan, beam, swim two people refused to apologize, refused to withdraw their oath of storm insulting speech, now more become aggravated to Taiwan,.相关的主题文章:

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