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The quality of the whole chain of Chinese medicine industry broke the inadequate supervision of new network – Part greatly reduced the quality of central broadcasting network Beijing on September 26th news (reporter Du Ximeng Zhuang Shengchun) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that recently, pharmacodynamics, therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, causing continuous hot at home and abroad. Many people look forward to Chinese medicine may usher in another spring". But recently, the experts are worried that some of the decline in the quality of Chinese medicine or may have an impact on the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. Now the Chinese herbal medicine picking season, the quality of Chinese herbal medicine "worse than before," is true? "We usually say" first-class medicine exports, a medicine to go to the hospital, the flow of the three herbs and even do some medicine, medicine dregs "is this phenomenon." The World Federation of Chinese medicine Chinese herbal medicine association chairman, Specialized Committee is also the agent quality Jiangsu Haichang pharmaceutical chairman Cai Baochang not avoid having made the above statements. He believes that this is not alarmist, "why export, manufacturers he tube very strict, he’s not poor. Next, to see, touch, to look like to go through. The third case, do the raw materials of Chinese patent medicine, but also after extraction, can not see, can mix on the mix, paste paste." The allegations, in the eyes of some people in the industry, is no need to avoid the fact. The reporter linked to the Chinese medicine industry anonymity authoritative scientific research leaders, referring to existing problems in traditional Chinese medicine, is also a sigh. Cai Baochang said that at present, Chinese herbal medicine from planting to acquisition, processing, and even in the whole chain are made of drug quality supervision is insufficient, "excessive sulfur fumigation process, not clean sulfur fumigation, put up drying in the street, this phenomenon has. Pieces, variety, origin, age, seasons, especially some processing methods, irregularities or more, real, shoddy situation or more." In fact, in the last year, the State Food and drug administration has to Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other places in the market situation of Chinese herbal medicine for the special investigation, Cai Baochang mentioned the case around the medicine market does not rare. Some businesses will be dyeing, weight of the Chinese herbal medicine Yicichonghao, also to non real estate illegal processing of traditional Chinese medicine herbs. Beijing Chinese medicine resources appraisal committee expert Li Jingsheng said, Chinese herbal medicine is processed by Chinese herbal medicine can be used directly in the important raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine. Improper processing of medicinal herbs, will also have a significant impact on efficacy. A number of Chinese herbal medicine market procurement staff said that now the medicinal herbs into a "farm and sideline products", is on the market price adjustment. What kind of high price which, which grows fast with the kind of. Pickage, a large number of application problems of planting fertilization, soil pollution, medicinal origin change, also let the medicinal quality greatly reduced part. Jiangxi Fuliang village doctor Jin Hanxiang had planted some medicine, the overall effect is not ideal. He said: the kind of medicine in the mountains fortunately some, if it is planted on the ground, the environment is not suitable, the basic efficacy is not.相关的主题文章:

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