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"Dad" Jiang Xin as acting stunning challenge screen new heights – Sohu Jiang Xin married Guoli Zhang when the entertainment Sohu entertainment news recently, Jiang Xin in micro-blog exposure on a wedding, mobile phone display equipment from rival iPhone sent, and every day speech "married, very tired!" Photos of Jiang Xin show to stay adorable, many netizens said, Jiang Xin wearing a wedding is too beautiful, not self beauty, your beauty you capricious. In recent years, Jiang Xin has appeared in many urban family drama, wedding scenes more and more, for Jiang Xin had enough addiction in the wedding, "Dad alone" and Jiang Xin "married", and Guoli Zhang Jiang Xin and the Father himself, the "romance in the rain" in the play? Ho Gao Xin as husband and wife, is the "empress" mobile phone display device’s rival, also refers to the newly married as ping? "Dad alone" Jiang Xin show God acting domineering female star in a number of Jiang Xin in the "Ode to joy" in the enchanting sexy Fan Shengmei image of the people, but earlier let everyone know Jiang Xin because Hua Fei a "Bitch is hypocritical", then prospered, and put Jiang Xintui to the throne of the strength of the actress. Jiang Xin has been in the past most of the groups participating in play, and did not give her the leading position, but after much drama training, Jiang Xin’s acting continues to improve, rise to a certain height, the "Daddy alone" Jiang Xin in the big show of acting, feelings take place, facial expressions, micro pinch details of movements are perfect show in front of the camera, she will love daughter, sister, husband and wife sentiment deduction vivid, finally settled family drama female one. "Dad" when Jiang Xin turned the host image interpretation of the new "screen dad alone" is a family theme of urban family drama, by Guoli Zhang, starring Jiang Xin, tells the story of one family after experienced a variety of chores eventually contain each other, work together to meet a happy story. Jiang Xin and the old drama of bone teacher Guoli Zhang partner and his daughter, she played Guoli Zhang’s two daughter right Wei, in the drama of Jiang Xin and other former drama images are not the same, whether it is hot, funny or stepmother daughter host Jiang Xin can easily hold live. "Dad" by the Beijing gold partner film and television media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chang Sheng film production Co., Ltd., Hairun film and television production Co., Ltd. joint production. Jiang Xin’s been right Wei goddess and female nerve dividing line between back and forth, Guoli Zhang can subdue the Morphling’s daughter? Jiang Xin will play what tricks to pit Guoli Zhang’s father? Jiang Xin will lead you into the pit father era, a lot of fans said she was looking forward to her father in the wonderful performance.相关的主题文章:

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