Beijing – VIDEO – Bangladesh Air Force fighter escort for President Xi-魔界骑士イングリッド

Washington – VIDEO – Bangladesh Air Force fighter plane for the president of the president of the plane to escort President Xi Jinping this morning when the plane entered the airspace of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Air Force fighter escort. Local time at 11:40 am, the plane arrived in Dhaka, Sharjah international airport. Xi Jinping stepped out of the door, the 21 gun salute. Bangladesh President Hamid and the government of Bangladesh main cabinet ministers meet in the gangway, warmly welcome to visit Xi Jinping. Some media commented that the military escort has three main purposes, in addition to ensuring airspace safety and monitoring the situation on the ground outside, more important is to show respect to guests. In many cases, there is a very realistic security requirements for the visit of the special escort. However, for most countries, in peacetime sent fighter escort for foreign heads of state plane, more of a courtesy, respondents in other countries visiting leaders as fighter escort is a kind of diplomatic courtesy, to express to the visit and the importance of respect for the visiting leaders. However, there is no international standard for sending fighter jets to escort foreign visiting leaders". As to whether the escort, sent a number of aircraft escort, spacing, distance is also different from different countries. China President Xi Jinping’s 2015 visit to Pakistan, the plane entered Pakistani airspace, 8 aircraft of the Pakistan air force "fierce dragon fighter escort formation. As a kind of air diplomatic etiquette, escort fighters usually fly close to the head of the plane to facilitate the observation of the other side, usually in the tens of meters to hundreds of meters with flying. If it is 4 or even more than 6 aircraft escort, with a more dense formation for a long time with the flight will have a certain degree of difficulty, because it is necessary to keep neat, but also to ensure absolute safety, pilot pressure will be great. Therefore, in many cases, this approach with dense formations throughout the flight will not, in most cases is accompanied by the flight at a distance of several kilometers of airspace. Usually fighter pilots receive ground air traffic control personnel command, under normal circumstances will not directly communicate with the pilot on the plane. CCTV reporter Xu Dazhongfeng, Yang Guang, CCTV news client integrated相关的主题文章:

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